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  1. Lucas from Mother 3. What a boss. All the TF2 classes Ellis from L4D2 Rap Women from Rhythm Tengoku, just because.
  2. Oh god all these hetalia roleplay accounts???

  3. I like subbed. Sometimes characters speak too fast in a show for me to understand, so I find it easier to read subs. Also, sometimes the voices are butchered badly. Sergeant Frog/Keroro Gunso, I'm looking at you.
  4. Bad things happen whenever I try to paint my nails. (For example, spilling polish all over a floor). So I try to stay away from doing it myself.
  5. -Death -Homework (don't really mind going to school, but homework is just bad) -Being sent to bed I'm cool with a lot of other things.
  6. I planned to go on a short nostalgia run with a Tamagotchi... now nearing my third generation. Welp.

    1. SailorRosette


      Fluttershy made you do it didn't she?

  7. Watchin' some Youtube videos. I have school off today, so I'm just letting myself chill.
  8. My science teacher mentioned how his family was auditioning to be on Family Feud. We proceeded to spend the entire period discussing it instead of doing any work.
  9. I agree that the sequels are getting a little crazy... that sort of seems to be a problem with the whole gaming industry, though. How about all those Call of Duty games? (However, I don't see how rhythm heaven is all that bad. It's not meant to have a big purpose, just to be fun.)
  10. Community, even though it hasn't ended hiatus yet. 4 more days wooo
  11. If you're thinking about entering a competitive tournament a lot then it's best to EV train them. That extra point may be the one to save you and win you the match. And with others EV and IV training, it's good to get an upper edge.