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  1. When I still played tamagotchis, I ran around 2, 3, or 4 at a time.
  2. Dreamer(sorry, I don't know you're name)- yes I have joined before. As tamalaura. In like, 2005. I was a total noob though. ~~ 4/10
  3. ^ not meee. I didn't even bother. I was just: "I WANNA B A TAMA GUIDE K BYE" and a major text talker.
  4. Kristin, not everyone but a few people hate you. (: You're amazing. ILY, even though we've only talked once. 8D
  5. Agreeeeee???? Valentine's day is majorly overrated.
  6. ^Lol, I didn't even expect to get that high. Anywayy, 9/10
  7. 6/10 Krystal- by lately do you mean the last two days? 8D
  8. Title says it all. What was your first post? Not on your current account, your fisrt account. Unless your current account is your first. Here is mine:(back when I was tamalaura) Yup, noob little 8 year old me.
  9. my facebook
  10. TPAM is Kristin. And Kristin is awesomee.
  11. I have facebook. (: I finally convinced my mom to let me have one, yay! 18 friends FTW gifdk I am opening myself up to stalkers!! Yeah, whatever. XD