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  1. I'm sometimes in MC... Just then when I get bored. btw, my id is MO6472


  3. Hello! Do you remember me?

  4. That has happened many times before and almost never they added anything new.
  5. I have been two years in Music City and I have seen all of the monthly gifts of each month. And there is no eiffel tower there. Monthly gifts are same in every year and it isn't hard to collect them.
  6. It doesn't come from donating, because donating items are panda doll, hula doll, liberty bell, daruma doll, panda doll, 5-store pagoda, that picture with waves (I don't remember name) and truth of Kuchipatchi. I think you got your own long time ago too. When people use cheats they are too lazy to play games.
  7. Maybe they don't come because Bandai don't need to put them come. People buy tama-gos and colors even they are only in us or are in japanese.
  8. There's item in MC which is called "eiffel tower". Someone gifted me one long time ago. I've heard you need 10 000 tama miles in a game to get one.
  9. I know what you mean, now I'm in Nintendo crave. |3

  10. Yeah. Not so interested in about tamagotchis anymore.

  11. hello..Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  12. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')