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  1. Sorry that I've been slow to respond to peoples questions and things in the sales forum. I was in the ER recently and I am still trying to bounce back from being sick.... X_X

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      omg get better soon! D: *hugs*

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      that word,hugs,is what i always say in my forum topics :D

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      Hope you're better! What is ER?

  2. Says they should be getting stock back in tomorrow - so probably soon at least. I was thinking of picking it up and trying it on a giga I have that the wire came loose from the speaker. -Purn
  3. Hey there everyone, I have some vpets that I have plans on fixing - mostly just wires loose and what not. I had thought about getting a soldering set, but I found out about wire glue. Has anyone tried wire glue before? I watched some videos on people using it and it doesn't seem terrible, but I was curious if anyone else has tried it and seen how it does. It seems like it would be fine. This is the stuff I am talking about if anyone else was curious. -Purn
  4. EDIT2: What is the sleeping time of this guy? He doesn't seem to want to go to sleep. - I think you just put him to sleep? I could be wrong since I haven't played with one in over a year, but I think you just like make him go to sleep ...... I don't know. -Purn
  5. I agree with both posts above, but also make sure that if the seller doesn't contact you back in anyway and you start to get close to - what is it? 30 days or so? you can contact ebay to get things cleared up between you two. You can open a case through ebay and they will help you resolve issues, but I think it needs to be within like 30 days. So just keep an eye on it. Usually stuff takes a bit longer to make it through shipping (think of different shipping holidays for countries) and then through customs.... international shipping can be a gut grindingly slow process, but I can say that most things I have ordered from Japan will make it to the US safely. Just keep trying to get in touch with the seller if you feel you need to (you should if you are going to open a case through ebay anyway) and give them some time since their hours are kinda flipped from us and give them about 2-3 days to get back in touch. (that gives them like 48 hours to find the email....) Good luck! I'm sure it will be fine -Purn EDIT - I'm a moron and didn't see AMAZON - Amazon actually has pretty helpful customer service too - I would follow the same suggestions for dealing with them if you have any trouble. Honestly I think you will be okay, but Amazon is helpful anyway. :3
  6. So when you un-debugged (that just sounds so weird to say...) this time does it go back to working fine? Have you tried a different eraser to make sure that everything is gone from the connectors? This is kinda part of why there are a few people who don't like to debug cause you can break your tama..... :/ It might be broken. If you can - you might try a light bit of alcohol on the end of q-tip and running it over those areas that you had debugged in the past and try to get off all the marks you can to see if you can get it working again. If you just got the tama working and couldn't debug I would say that would be a small win. -Purn
  7. I've never seemed to be able to get into most alien pets.... :/ I remember reading somewhere that this one isn't all that entertaining though -Purn
  8. I can't believe I just spent over 3 hours straight playing Don't Starve and I was killed by a beeffalo.... o_O;

  9. Thank you TT for reminding me how old I am today... cause I actually forgot.... XD

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      Happy birthday :)


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      Happy belated! Hope you had a great one. :)

  10. Selling a Tamagotchi Ocean in Packaging for a good price in tBay!

  11. Generally - you will mostly only be finding the older versions of connection tamagotchi online at places like Amazon or eBay. Occasionally you might stumble on them in toy sections of like goodwill or reuse depos.... They don't produce the older versions any longer and so they are not readily carried in like name brand stores. You could try purchasing used ones from people on here in the tbay section of the forums as well. -Purn
  12. I'm not sure if this one is the same exact thing (the buttons are different colors....) but I think this is what that one is: -Purn
  13. Oh, no worries. I mean - it's hard sometimes. Tamagotchi has become the standard title for any type of e-pet really.... I think he put it in the title to cast a wider net for a wider audience LOL. Actually from what I can tell he's usually a pretty good seller on ebay. And that's a pretty good price for one of those... a lot of people try to sell the old and new ones for like $80-120 .... o_O still not a fan of ped pets though hahahahah! -Purn
  14. Some of the digimon later releases of the pets have a thing that is called "jogress" (shortened from job progress) where by battling certain types of other digimon allow you to unlock different possible evolutions. Another thing that they have used in digimon pets is the use of "charge plates" that can give you "digisouls" which is an item that effects which type of evolution your digimon will become. Also on a version of digimon pet that is similar to the Tamagochu, you can connect your digimon and depending on what type you connect with you either get an item that unlocks a potential evolution or special egg to hatch. I actually wonder about the "charge plate" idea that they used for the digimon - I wonder if bandai will be using that type of idea with the tamagotchi P? I know that you are supposed to have like pins that you attach to it for to unlock some tamagotchi on the device and get items, but I wonder if attaching some or using some items will actually unlock different effects for later generations or evolutions. hmmm.... -Purn
  15. What's the problem with this one? I don't particularly collect ped pets, but I know that square released the slimes with the dragon quest games back when.... it says enix on it and 1998.... I know they just released an updated version of the same pet like earlier this year.... please educate me? I honestly don't see anything wrong with it myself, but I've only ever seen pics of them since like I said I don't collect those types -Purn
  16. I've actually found that pausing the ocean tamas does not work. I think one time when I paused it it actually just started up eventually again and it died. I have heard others say that pausing causes it to just die earlier when everything is normal. It is a very weird tama. I also suggest using clean fresh batteries if possible. -Purn
  17. Would anyone be interested in purchasing the packaging for a Mothra tamagotchi from me?

  18. If this is a connection version tamagotchi that you are talking about I've heard that it's sometimes a common issue for the batteries to just die in them. I guess some versions just literally suck the life out of the battery in a matter of a few hours. -Purn
  19. I've heard the Rancor is really funny since you give him young ladies to eat as a treat or something like that - I've seen the animation for it and it's really pretty funny LOL -Purn
  20. Put up some things that haven't sold yet back on my ebay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/purpurnerhund/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686 also have a gyaoppi on there now too!

  21. I've been working on trying to learn some japanese so the idL in japanese is fine for me. Honestly though, if you can remember what most of the options are it's pretty easy to follow. Plus there are so many things to work on unlocking in the idL that it hasn't really gotten boring for me yet! I'm still trying to get a pet for my tama -Purn
  22. Yep that is "Denchi" so it's telling you that the battery needs to be replaced. It will unfortunately wipe him out. The Ocean is an older model of tama and doesn't have the reset or download function of the newer ones... :< I know it's a bummer when it happens. It looks like it might be a bit discolored, but it might also be the lighting. I usually try to take pics or video with natural light (I know people can't always do that all the time LOL) so it might look different. If you like your tama though that's all that really matters. Honestly I have a mothra tamagotchi where I had to swap the back part out with a used grungy discolored white tama I had for parts. It doesn't match the front in whiteness at all, but I still love playing it! Honestly yours looks a bit more interesting cause when you look at mine it looks like the shell and the paint are almost the same color and that seems a bit boring honestly XD -Purn
  23. Are you sure? It might actually want new batteries...? We had an ocean hatch a long time ago and someone else had something similar happen to hers http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/176340-shark-week-oceangotchi-hatch/ If it's just the two characters on the screen it is asking for new batteries. (look for hers with the red shell) If that's not it could you take a pic of it? -Purn