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  1. this version of tamagotchi relies heavily on the happiness bar rather than th hunger meter your tama may get full but they on't be happy until you have the happiness up a certain level I recommend whenever you get the baby stage on a M!X have an hour free to constantly keep an eye on it as it's a very needy growth stage. snacks don't really do much either it's worth while using items than feeding snacks as your tama will be sick of eating them anyway
  2. Thank you I will add them to the list! also likes and dislikes are only for the adult stage I have yet to see if likes and dislikes carry over from generations though.
  3. I have worked out a few things about unlocking destinations now many people ay different things at the moment about unlocking destinations but here are the ones I am 100% sure of: patchi forest: raise your first generation to be an adult then go outside. flower hills: purchase flower wallpaper then go outside on a clear day. rainbow hills: purchase flower seeds from flower hills, then use the item while your home has the rainbow wallpaper. does anyone know yet of more destinations some say you need to connect with a deka or a mix then go outside on a rainy day to unlock mermaid palace but people that said that also said you need mermaid palace to unlock rainbow hills which isn't true at all.... Favourite items: So far these are the favourite items I found if you use these with the right tama you have a higher chance at becoming, lover/ best friend with said character, also special animations occur. Kikitchi: Playing cards(トランプ) skateboard (スケートボード) Memetchi: Juggling balls (おてたま) Mametchi Likes: Mini Rocket (ミニロケット) Dislikes: crayons (クレオン) Lovelitchi: Badminton set Kuchipatchi: My Hotspring (マイおんせん) Morijikatchi Likes: Forest doll (もりにんぎょう), My hotspring (マイおんせん) Flowertchi: Likes: Flower seeds(おはなのたね) pikagorotchi: Likes: lightning drum (でんでんだいこ) nijifuwatchi: Likes: Rainbow watering can (にじいろじょうろ) more to come!
  4. So far I've found that the fact each destination has it's own food, snack ,toys, and accessories to be purchased makes it one of the first colour tama's (apart from the +C) to not scream "I need downloads to be fun" there is so many things to be found in this toy yet and I'm already satisfied at the beginning of the toy only having one destination unlocked!! so far it also says in the instructions when you mix tamas the tamadepa and park in "my town" changes apparently to depict the tamagotchi's that you got married I'm not 100% but it's along those lines. living rooms are now also 1500 gotchi instead of 500 and as well as the restaurant function you can just buy food items for your fridge at towns! Small update: I noticed usually with colour tamas when the screen blacks into power saving mode, if you were to press A to turn it on it makes a delayed icon selection sound which is an interesting design choice but not bad. also the entire faceplate is now the screen plastic as well HALLELUJAH! Hahahah no more dirt in the corner of the toy!!. (screen plastic is as cheap as ever though *sigh* the scratches this thing will get.........)
  5. had the M!X a day and already think it's one of the best versions ever made it's so visually appealing!!

  6. ooh just found that when you choose to find friends in different towns as you can choose to use an item to play with them they also have items characters you meet dislike as I found mametchi dislikes crayons it's quite possible they have favourite items too other than that only tamatown is unlocked when you reach toddler stage. also Icon backgrounds are still available but must be unlocked and the eco triplets are still in the park every 0 day as today I got an eco badge I remember a guy on youtube with the m!x saying there are quite a few day exclusive events too.
  7. no worries just recived it this minute I'll check it out for a bit and then start posting discoveries and I'll take some menu screenshots
  8. Just so you know, the faceplate actually isn't supposed to be removed to do so you need to take the toy apart so be careful when doing so haha but it's still good to see it can easily pop out unlike versions like the P's where you had to pry it out hahaha.
  9. when Aus post says your M!X is in your town for delivery but it hasn't arrived yet...

    1. furbitchi


      haha YAY Just got it!!

    2. MametchiWarrior
  10. I can help you if you need to mine is coming today (supposedly haha it's in my town but its yet to arrive at my doorstep haha) ichiro.malfoy, does the pc option give you a password? I think it's for M!X land as they will have little games that can give you extra gotchi points on tamatv.com plus a ful visual family tree. it'salmost like the "mixed" the +C and 4U with an IDL shaped shell haha
  11. I'm really excited as I should receive my mix in the mail tomorrow! from looking at the videos there is ALOT of new features!! all 9 towns have their own shops and different places to go plus you also now befriend other tamagotchi characters through playing games and using items in their town its like a dating sim almost also you will need to purchase a ring before you propose this time! it seems very complex and people that don't kow any jap might need guide but it looks like they compinsated for lack of downloads by making the toy almost like tamatown with a lot of items ALSO: accessories are now the only thing your tama can wear there looks to be alot of them though! the toy seems to me like the tama anime fan's biggest dreams there are alot of anime and charatcer references. EDT: also the naming feature is back!! you can now name the mixed baby they also give suggestions for example mametchi and lovelitchi make mamelovelitchi!
  12. 3 days till M!X!

    1. tamapalace


      the countdown begins!

  13. the thing that worries me is we've yet to see clothes for this tama only accessories oh well clothes never really looked very good on most tamas anyway.
  14. other than a phone you can go to either the tamadepa in takeshita street or go to your local game center they should have a bandai data spot which you can use to get the exact same downloads on the app. While I was in japan that's what I did for my 4U it's the easiest way in my opinoon but I would go fast as they may not be available for much longer with the M!X station replacing touch spots, also bandai data spots are usually located lose to Aikatsu machines so check there!
  15. I do too though! it's a neat concept and not only makes the tama seem more 3d and real but it's an excuse for bigger sprites I wonder if your tama will be closer to you the more you care for it