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    Tamagotchi, anime, manga, Jpop, pokemon, random stuff, drawing, japanese, writing names in a death note

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    GOLD V4
    V4.5 (custom in v2 shell)
    V5 +DVD
    V6 value guitar pack
    Tama-go x3
    Tama-go figures x 8+
    Tamagotchi+ colour (white)
    +color hexagontchi
    Tamagotchi idx2 (blue and green)
    Tamagotchi idl (yellow)
    Tamagotchi idl English (green)
    Tamagotchi idl 15th anniversary (purple)
    Tamagotchi p's (blue)
    Tamadeco pierce x11
    Clear blue vintage p1 Asia in American package
    Tamagotchi angel jap
    Mori no tamagotchi (rare leaves shell)
    Tamagotchi school
    Toys r us exclusive tama keitai
    Akai tamagotchi
    Tamagotchi kakeibo
    Tamadeka king of games
    Pocket designer
    Tamagotchi the movie
    Kira Kira tamamori booklet
    Lovelitchi tamamoroom (what's left of it)
    Tamakeshi Mametchi bear
    Kirakira tamamori charm kiraritchi amulet ver
    To be continued.....
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    Tamagotchi p's,music star, tamasuku, v4, v1, pocket designer
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    kuromametchi,lovelin/lovelitchi,kuchipatchi,pianitchi,mystartchi, miracle twins
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    Blue tamagotchi p's with pocket designer

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About Me

i'm furby- tchi i am a huge tamagotchi fan. I've been a fan since i was 8-10 don't really remember but my first was a blue odd pattern with Mametchi v4 and since then i gradually discovered more and more into the tamagotchi world till today it's hard for me to pick a favourite tamagotchi and character but as of now I really love the p's but even more the pocket designer for it and as for character I adore Lovelitchi! And my favourite male character would be between kuromametchi and mystartchi. I have different moments when I go through love for different versions and characters but ultimately I Just love tamagotchi.

I love the original anime before the yumekira dream series but sort of like the miracle friends saga as well it's growing on me slightly and I also had a faze when I really liked tamamori not so much now as they stopped making it but I do like it.


Aside from tamagotchi I am a huge anime fan I also read manga and can speak quite a bit of Japanese my favourite anime at the moment is madoka magica and akb0048 I really can't stand the weeaboo anime fans and some of the anime that they usually like such as one piece, naruto and dragon ball z (they are ok but after 500 episodes in each show it annoys me)


I like a lot of Japanese things as well such as Japanese music and I tried not to but now I'm into figmas and nendoroids (types of japanese anime figures)


I'm also a big pokemon fan and my favourite game of the series is white version but I despise white and black 2. My favourite pokemon varies but my number one favourite is oshawott (ミジュマル) and I also really love the notch-eard pichu, ducklett and espurr ( dat espurr has seen some dark and disturbing things... )


I'm a bit weird and random when it comes to anime references because I have a lot of inside jokes about anime with my friends but non the less I'm normal if you can define normal that is.


Nice to meet you all and I hope we become great friends and discuss our views on what we most have in common ... Tamagotchi!

And the love between Mametchi and lovelitchi..