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  1. Astromenø's right. Just the toy fair ones.
  2. Tamagotchi's Name: Jack Tamagotchi's Age: Date of Birth: 5 Date of Passing: 2/13/2007 What Generation? Your Comments: A long time ago my first tamagotchi, Jack, unfortunately passed away. He will always remain in my heart.
  3. My school was INSANELY strict about that stuff. I just keep mine in my pockets, with the sound off.
  4. Yes. it's called the tama-go. Search "Tama-Go" on google! Looks Cool!
  5. I agree with lolokotchi. The saloon job has high pay, and is really fun to play(lol that rhymed!).;"
  6. They do! It's called the v5 celebrity version. New characters, games, items, etc. Enjoy
  7. Don't have one, but they look cool. I reccomend the I.D though! ;P
  8. Ok. So, everyday I bring a tamagotchi color, and sometimes a tamagotchi v5, to school. I usually just keep mine in my pocket. The teachers don't seem to notice anything. However, when I walk by them I put my hands In my pocket to make it look like there's not the tmgc+c in my pocket. It usually really works. The only problem with this is that when you sit down a lot of buttons are pressed, and the sound can be activated. However, the tmgc+c is more quiet than the other tamas so this doesn't matter. However, for the other tamas, if you're allowede to wear a hoodie or sweater to school keep it in the pocket at the bottom of the hoodie, this way, on buttons will be pressed. Happy Hiding
  9. That's awesome news! I already have the color, which is awesome. Thanks for the good news!