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About Me

Hai (: I'm Beth, obviously. I like to sing, dance, and act more than anything in the world. My dream job would be to be an actress, but sadly, in reality, it probably won't happen, in which case I would like to be a Spanish Translator. Opposite spectrums, right? Anywho, I'm sixteen years old and I'm a junior in high school.


Random facts about meh;

` I'm totally addicted to chapstick.

` Ron Weasley is my husband. Oh yes. Be jealous.

` My favorite color is purple.

` Gingers are THEE sexiest thing in the whole world.

` Mini- golf is one of my favorite sports.

` I think boys need to learn what they're supposed to act like. Men.

` Google is life.

` I make the best cupcakes.

` I practically live in my new shoes.

` Glee & Pretty Little Liars are my fave TV shows

` Lady Gaga ftw.

` Katy Perry ftw, also.

` Chipotle is my fave restraunt.

` I like hanging out with guys more than girls; girls seem to be a little too b`tchy at times.

` I don't wear anything but jeans to school. I refuse to wear sweat pants in public.

` Dresses and skirts are for squares, in my opinion. Unless it's sexy Friday.

` I'm a sucker for a guy in a button-up & tie.

` I hate snow. More than I hate biology.

` I'm in one of the best show choirs in the nation. And we are NOTHING like glee, thank you.

` I'm in the International Thespian Society, which makes me very happy.

` I'm a mean, horrible person during audition season. Which would be- now.

` I adore my boyfriend, but he's jealous of Ron Weasley. I don't blame him.


Now you know the most random things about me. Lucky you. (:


Peace (: