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  1. my bro is so mean, he just rolled a chair over my toe and didn't even say sorry, and when I told him all he said was "Yeah, really, OH WELL!"

  2. Can someone help me, I am making a new forum, TamaMama but I need help with a lot, if someone could PM me that would be great. Someone excperienced!

  3. When will they be announcing the winner of the contest?

    1. jadine


      They already did :3 Ke$hatchi by Yattachi won :3

  4. Had an awesome time at kinokuniya today! I got a dome plushie, a cell phone charm, a kappa key holder and a sketch pad. Wishes to go back!

  5. Wow! I haven't posted since December 20th last year XD! Well I have my birthday and I am now 13, but on my birthday I got a lot of 6 Tamas (v5, 2 v4, 3 v4,5) I am now running my ID, my Hexagon and my v5. My ID is a Furawatchi, my Hexagon is a Nonbiritchi and my v5 is in it's teen stage (Can't remember the names XL) Cake ID Today I woke up and saw she was her cute little Chuuchuutchi stage. We went to the park and met a young dorotchi. They talked and then played on the monkey bar type things. She then took me to the Tama-Depa where we bought then Hula-Hoop for her upcoming evolution. I took her to the donut shop where today Mr.Holey had a Ichigo donut, Yum! She didn't get the Jumbo Cruller but she still had her happy face on! As we were leaving she evolved and we went home. We played with the Hula hoop and she jumped her usual Tamatomo joy and came inside. We then left for the new Cafe that opened up and got some Macaroons and again, did her jump of loving Tamatomo joy. I then put her to sleep and left for school. Sorry it's short but I have to get to bed, Big renaissance day tomorrow, Night!
  6. Nighty night! Don't let them bug buggers bite!

  7. Goodnight fellow Tamatalkers, have a wonderful night!

    1. mametchifan1996


      Have a wonderful night too~!

  8. Happy Birthday! If today is your real birthday, lol.

  9. Got pokemon Black one hour ago! But i can't play it until my HW is done.

  10. I can't get it until my b-day in april :C rosette what is ur icon of?
  11. My embarrassing story is when I was in the second grade I had my v4 in my pocket and we were having TR time (teacher read time) so we all sat together on the floor. I thought the sound was off but then as soon as she finishes her sentence 'BEEP BEEP!' it called for nothing! She didn't yell at me, she only "Please, if you're trying to sneak stuff into school at least make sure the sound is off!" I loved that teacher...OFF TOPIC! But my v4 was almost put into the June box.

    1. The Blade of Virtue.

      The Blade of Virtue.

      I shall smite her with VIRTUE.

  13. OMG! I got literally everything on my list! A green tamago with 2 figures, clothes, new LCD moniter,Gaming chairs that have speakers, Candy in the stocking, DS Elebits, An awesome new camera, Animal crossing city folk and so many gift cards!

  14. 12/24/10 I am joining with a tama-go i am getting tomorrow for Christmas!