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    (#1) Blue Clock w/ Yellow Buttons P1
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    (#4) Transparent Yellow P2
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    (#21) Blue w/ Surf V3
    (#22) Grey w/ Grafitti V3
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    (#24) White Zebra Print V3 (Poorly Repainted Blue w/ White Angel Wings)
    (#25) Akai Sweets Keitai Kaitsuu
    (#26) Pink w/ Stripes V4
    (#27) Pink w/ Splats V4
    (#28) Salmon w/ Hearts V4 (Promo art has a white ball but mine is yellow? Possible mis-paint)
    (#29) Yellow w/ Red Sun V4
    (#30) Tiger V4.5 Circuit-Board in a Red w/ Hearts V2 Shell
    (#31) Black Reptile V4.5
    (#32) Globe V4.5
    (#33) Blue w/ Hibiscus V4.5
    (#34) Chocolate Argyle V4.5
    (#35) Peacock V4.5
    (#36) Blue W/ Yellow Stripe V4.5
    (#37) Ura Tama Town Uratama
    (#38) Blue Abstract V5
    (#39) Blue Ocean V5
    (#40) Purple w/ Rockets V5
    (#41) Cookie Dough V5
    (#42) Red Gemstone V5
    (#43) Blossoms V5
    (#44) Music Notes V5
    (#45) Tama House V5
    (#46) Sound Blast V6
    (#47) Sound Blast V6
    (#48) Sound Blast V6
    (#49) Techno Groove V6
    (#50) Feel The Beat V6
    (#51) Rising Star V6
    (#52) Glam Rock V6
    (#53) Idol Dream V6
    (#54) Pink Lullaby V6
    (#55) Red w/ Gold Decal Tama Depa TamaSuku
    (#56) Tama Deka
    (#57) Tama Deka: King of Games
    (#58) Black Tama-Go
    (#59) Black Tama-Go
    (#60) Pink Tama-Go
    (#61) Green Tama-Go
    (#62) Blue Tama-Go
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    (#64) Purple Tama-Go
    (#65) Red +Color Hexagon Ver.
    (#66) Yellow iD
    (#67) Series 1 Yellow Nano
    (#68) Green iD
    (#69) Series 3 Green Nano
    (#70) Blue iDL
    (#71) Purple iDL
    (#72) 15th Anniversary Ver. 2 iDL
    (#73) Yellow P's
    (#74) Green P's
    (#75) Blue P's
    (#76) Melody Blue M!X

    + a bunch of accessories and pieces, I'll update later since it's 2 AM lol
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    Tamagotchi V3
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    Mimitchi, Raitotchi, Whaletchi
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    Cherry Pink V3
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  1. I don't think I'll be able to join anymore, I apologize.
  2. Ah, I've found the original Tamagyaotchi! It wouldn't come up with any google searches, but I found it while looking at Meets Station-Exclusive characters. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pUf7z1bvqJqlh0Rv-pzB27EtsM4_9OnD/view
  3. I'm definitely interested in joining as well! I'll be hatching my Spacy M!X.
  4. I think that just boils down to personal opinion! Personally, I think I may like the pink better? Blue is my favorite color, but I find the pink more stimulating to the eye.
  5. Alright, so I've played the Catching Flowers game on the Tamagotchi App many, many times and have not once gotten 1000+ points to get the rare item. This led me to wonder, is it even possible? I've searched online to see if anyone else has achieved this, and those that have have said that it took them 20+ tries. I decided to try a bit for myself to see how the points add up, and if theres any correlation or if the game is just rigged up until a certain point. I only played the game 17 times, as it took up to 22 minutes and I had other things I had to do. Anyways, this chart shows my findings for 17 games in a row. Points to note: Out of 17 games, only 2 had 1000+ points available to collect. There is an increase in score from games 1-3 and 10-12. Rocks don't seem to lower the amount of flowers available to catch in the next game. On game 15, the amount of flowers caught don't add up to 590, even though that is the score I received in the end. It seems the game glitched, as I hit a rock and caught a Cherry Blossom flower at the same time. So what does any of this mean? Most likely, nothing. It seems that scores fluctuate, getting 1000+ points is rare, and the game is ultimately random. Sadly, this is unfair. The game is 100% chance, which means that some players could NEVER get the rare item. There is a similar case for the other game, Tamagotchi Restaurant. Although this game isn't random, you have to have lightning precision and reflexes. Maybe I'm just a bad player, but I play this game religiously to farm GP and I still haven't gotten 1000+ points yet. Ultimately I think it would be best if there was an update where the games were more reasonable? Here's what I'm thinking: Tamagotchi Restaurant: Have specific characters ask for specific dishes to make it more predictable and therefore easier to select to rack up 1000+ points. OR Since the characters loop back around after completing their orders, have them just repeat their orders to make it more predictable. Make all dishes appear from the beginning. Catching Flowers: Always have flowers with a combined total of 1000+ points appear. OR Have each game's total amount of points increase until 1000+ points are available. I'd say games 1-5 increase in points until game 5 has 1000+ points available. If you hit a rock, the increase in points per game should restart. Welp, what does everyone else think? I'd love to hear your thoughts! (Video of my 17-game run for evidence!)
  6. Hello! I haven't seen anyone with a good calculated approach to how many snacks equal a care mistake for this version, but for getting Mimitchi (and I haven't played with a P2/Gen2 in a while so I can't remember if weight factors into playing games for sure) I would avoid feeding the Tamagotchi snacks unless the weight factors into whether it can play games or not. http://mimitchi.com/html/tamatip.htm This link provides good information on how to get Mimitchi.
  7. If you can't care for your tamagotchi during work, I recommend changing the time to where it's asleep during your work hours and awake during your free time, then changing the time again for it to fall asleep when you go to sleep.
  8. Yesterday marked 10 years since I joined TamaTalk! :D 

    1. DezertReyn


      Congratulations on 10 years!  :wub:

  9. Welp, I decided to try again and it just worked, so scratch that! My Sanrio Meets is now on the 2nd generation, I wonder if that had anything to do with it? I tried tons of times before and it wouldn't work once, but now it finally did so I have no idea.
  10. I just found out earlier that Mimitchi was on the 20th Anniversary M!X, so now I'm definitely going to be getting that as soon as I can, Lol! It'll be a pain transferring genes though, I'll have to breed the Anniversary with my JPN meets and then my JPN meets with my On. It would be easier to have Mimitchi on the app or on a Meets/On. I think that would be adorable! I think for Nyorotchi his lips, eyes, and color would be genes that could pass on. Maybe even his body, having heads from other tama's being the other mixing gene. Ex: Nyorotchi body and Mametchi head? It would look super funny, but would still be charming IMO. Yeah, I can definitely agree with that! I wonder why Hashizotchi was featured too then, lol. I did a little something experimenting with Nyorotchi's genes!
  11. I always assumed the two characters in the spaceship on the Japanese package art for the P1 & P2 were Mimitchi and Hashizotchi, but it could also be Mametchi! I don't know why I assumed it was Mimitchi!
  12. Slight rant time! I am kind of disappointed that Bandai/Sanrio keeps forgetting about Chococat, he's personally my favorite Sanrio character and he would've been so cute to breed tama's with in the Sanrio Meets. They forgot about him in the Sanrio Pierce for the P's, the Sanrio M!X, and now the Sanrio Meets. It's the same with Mimitchi, he used to be the mascot for TMGC in the vintage era and now he's not even a playable/breedable character in the new Tamagotchi's. I know he makes a cameo in the Sports Plaza when you play Tug'o'War, but that's it. I'm not sure Chococat even makes a cameo at all. I'm just kinda disappointed is all. Oh well. Are there any characters any of you feel like Bandai is neglecting that you would like to see return? Whats going on anyways?
  13. Hello! Could you please attach a couple of pictures of what you're experiencing? Thank you!
  14. I've seen people talking about dino/Tamagyaotchi genes for the On/Meets, but where did the genes originate from? Is there an actual tamagyaotchi? I can't seem to find any original tamagotchi character with these genes.
  15. Lol, whoops! Sorry about that. It could still be helpful for those who don't know, though!