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  1. The only connection era tamagotchi that has a jump-rope game is the V4. Are you sure it didn't have an antenna? The V2 had a jumping game as well, but it wasn't jump rope, it was more of a long-jump game like in the olympics. I recommend looking at the website linked below to see if you may recognize any of the shells as the one you had before! http://www.tamashell.com/index.php
  2. Piggybacking on what iTamannadi said, there are also cases you can find that will cover the shell and protect your tama at the same time! Here is a listing on Amazon for two types of cases for the On/Meets. You can also find many, many handmade cases on Etsy by just searching 'Tamagotchi Case'.
  3. https://tamagotchianime.tumblr.com/Raws Found em!
  4. Here is a list of name generators you may find useful: https://www.name-generator.org.uk/ https://www.behindthename.com/random/ https://blog.reedsy.com/character-name-generator/ Theres plenty of name generators out there depending on what you're looking for!
  5. Does this count? Its not a Christmas title, but it has Christmas in the game! Animal Crossing (Gamecube) is my absolute favorite game ever, and aaaa hearing the music just gives me chills of nostalgia. ;____; I wish the newest game could've been more like it.
  6. Ah, I think that's what I was thinking about! Welp, I don't know where to go from here.
  7. It turns out I have two V3 packages! I apologize for the huge images, but the size is important, haha. In the very bottom right corner there's an item number, I'm assuming that would mean these belong to the 19,442nd and 19,450th V3's made? I unfortunately don't remember which of my V3's these packages belong to. Two questions are raised though: 1) how many total were made? 19442/? 2) Is there any way to figure out the unit number of a V3 without packaging, or will that information be lost to time? I'll try to do more digging, but I'd love any input from those interested!
  8. That would make sense! The V3 was released in February '06 in the US. But if that's the case, then I have no leads on how to find the production unit number. iTamannadi mentioned that it was on the package, but with the selling of connection tama's today thats next to impossible if you want to avoid spending $150+. I feel like I vaguely remember hearing about being able to see something pertaining to the production of the Tama by debugging it? I don't know where I saw that though. 😕 I think I have one connection package, but I'm not sure if it's a V3. Let me dig through my box and find it to see if I can find a number that may hint at production.
  9. I had made a status update questioning this earlier, but I figured I should make it an actual forum post for serious discussion. My question is: Does anyone know how to find the production unit statistics of each tamagotchi version? I was browsing Tamashell earlier and had seen that the Gold V3 only had 3,000 units produced, which got me curious about the productions of units of other shells in general. Lets take the V3 for example, since it's already been mentioned. I have: Pink w/ Cherries (80806) L-Green w/ Flowers (50406) L-Blue w/ Balls (x2) (62606) (22606) Blue w/ Constellations (03606) Gray w/ Graffiti (51506) (Unfortunately the Blue w/ Surf V3 had to be excluded from this, as I received it with a backing different from it's actual back cover. My modified V3 as well because the backing has been sanded down and painted over, whoops;;) However, I have no idea what these numbers represent. I'm sure these numbers aren't EXACTLY the production number of the Tamagotchi, as I would have some insane amount of luck to have each of these V3's ending in 06. Im assuming the first three numbers are the production unit of the Tamagotchi and the 06 means something else, but does anyone else have any knowledge to share on the topic? I know this discussion wont result in any ground-breaking discovery, but it's just something that would be interesting to know!
  10. Does anyone know how to find the production unit statistics of each tamagotchi version? I was browsing Tamashell and saw that the Gold V3 only had 3,000 units produced which got me curious about the productions of units of other shells in general.

    1. iTamannadi


      I believe if you get the the tamagotchi itself you will see it written on the package.

  11. Okay WTH why does the Digimon Pendulum:

    1) have cuter characters than the others 


    2) Have better sprites?!

    1. Eggiweg


      Bigger sprites and more screen real estate maybe?

  12. I received the Purple w/ black Digimon a couple days ago and the Sprinkles P1 today!!! I now have all 5 Versions of the Digimon 20th
  13. This handsome lad! I know he's not on the poll, but I imagine their child would be very funny to say the least! And thats his favorite item right next to him if you want to get his friendship up before proposing to him. He appears at the Tama Farm!
  14. Haha, thats funny! It seems you had something to stop you from being too greedy, whereas in my dreams I just went full-on crazy with no guilt XD
  15. Haha, this is a bit of a random post, but I thought I'd share. Has anyone else had any dreams specifically about Tamagotchi's? I haven't had any recently but MANY MANY times I've had dreams where I've gone into a store or somewhere and there were Tamagotchi's lining the walls, and I'd grab as many as I could and put them in my cart or even in my shirt holding it like a sack to collect them all, lol! One time I even had a dream I went outside to take the trash bin to the curb, but when I opened the bin to put a trash bag inside it was over-flowing with tamas! I grabbed as many as I could and ran to my room, shoving them under my pillows for some reason?? And then when I woke up I looked under my pillows and the Tamagotchi's weren't there. I was heartbroken. 😆 I don't think i've had any dreams about characters specifically, but I definitely have frequent dreams about collecting Tamagotchi's. What about everyone else? Any interesting Tama-related dreams?