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    i'm feeling nostalgic so i thought i'd update this!

    my name is michaela, though a lot of people here called me mew. i have not used this website in about five years as of writing this, but it's fun to look back at my embarrassing tweens.

    i used to be obsessed with bands and pokemon. i now appreciate said bands from a healthier distance, but i'm still pretty obsessed with pokemon. i like storytelling and maybe kind of write some decent things sometimes.

    my old accounts were (as far as i remember) michaela13542, ~pokemon*mew~, ~pokemonlover~, ghostxofxmew, and probably some other random joke accounts i made because i loved to singlehandedly kill this site's servers with my friends. i'm so sorry for eleven year old me's behaviour, admin.

    i'm not dead i only dress that way

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  1. man, it's been a second since i signed in here. what a blast from the past.

    1. TamaMum


      Hi Michaela! Long time no see! Hope things are going well for you :)

    2. Ocean.A v e n u e

      Ocean.A v e n u e

      aw, thanks tamamum! i hope the same for you c:

  2. I used to have these all the time. My favourite by far was this egg-like sea monkey-- Some kind of reptile was supposed to 'hatch' from it when you put it in water. I got it at a random convience store when I was nine or so, and put it in a glass of water when I go home. Over a couple days, the sponge-y snake inside got big enough to break the shell and lo-and-behold, it 'hatched.' I kept the snake until it mysteriously disappeared one day. xD ~Mew
  3. This cool kid wears the nonexistent kind. (: I never actually got my ears pierced. Why? I don't know, actually. I guess that's just not how I roll. I'm by no means scared of getting them pierced or of needles in general- if I ever had to for whatever reason, I wouldn't care all that much, I just... Haven't. ~Mew
  4. I'm really stoked for the new record. A few of my Internet friends had a freak out over the transmitter on their site when they changed it. I love the video, and the new song. Definitely cannot wait for this new record. Also; Blonde Mikey looks nice. Gerard's hair looks... Interesting, to say the least. I think he used to have his hair the exact same colours and tones as the red/pink hair he has now, though. xD ~mew
  5. I have a Midwestern accent, even though I'm from the southeast. < That's basically exactly how I sound as far as my accent goes. [there's some mild language in the video. Click at your own risk.] People often ask me if I'm from Chicago or at least from up north.The only part about that video is my voice itself is kind of lower than that, and I have this scratchy sound in the back of my voice. I don't have a very good video of Pete Wentz talking, but if you can hear that kind of roughness in the back of his voice when he talks, I have the same thing in mine. I sound like a man. ;o; My pronunciation of words seems funny to people, I've been picked on a lot because of how I say things. xP My 'A' sounds are usually long and sharp in words such as Accent, Alex, That, Hat, Cat, Rat, etc. ie; Scotch. I say, "SkAHch" instead of, "ScaahCH." ie 2; Boycott. I say, "BoycAHt" instead of, "BOY-Caat." Like the girl in the video up there, the 'A' in Chicago. ShehCAHgoh instead of Shuhcawgoh. I also get pointed out a lot on how I say 'pen' and 'pin' the same. I say both like, "Pehn." I also say Jenny and Ginny the same. Here's the differences; [x] and [x] Both to me are pronounced like how the computer says Jenny, and that's about the best example of my obvious trouble with the 'i' and 'e' thing. xD As far as how I talk itself, it's usually fast and quiet. I seem to normally talk in mumbles unless I'm presenting something, in which then I get louder. Whenever I talk and am trying to find my words, I tend to just say, "Uhmmmm..." really low and held-out, then take in a deep breath and continue with my sentence. Otherwise, I'd say I just talk really fast and in a low voice. People mishear me often. xD ~Mew
  6. I'll probably post in this multiple times. I'm just posting these as they come up on my iTunes; "I've never told a lie, and that makes me a liar. I've never made a bet, but we gamble with desire. I never lit a might with intent to start a fire, But recently, the flames are getting out of control. Call me a name, kill me with words, Forget about me; it's what I deserve. I was your chance to get out of this town, But I ditched the car and left you to... ... Wait outside, I hope the air will serve to remind you that My heart is as cold as the clouds of your breath, And my words are as timed as the beating in my chest. - Jasey Rae, All Time Low. If I wake in the morning, I'll only need Two more miracles to be a saint. Everything I promised everyone I'd be... Well, I just ain't. - Oh Glory, Panic! At The Disco. I've got headaches, And bad luck, But they couldn't touch you, no-whoa. - Of All The Gin Joints In All The World, Fall Out Boy. A daydream spills from my corked head, Breaks free of my wooden neck, Left to nod over sleeping waves, Like bobbing bate for bathing cod. Floating flocks of candles swans Slowly drift across wax ponds. - Behind The Sea, Panic! At The Disco. So sick, so sick of being tired, And oh so tired of being sick. We're both such magnificent liars, So crush me, baby, I'm all ears. - You Know How I Do, Taking Back Sunday. I wanna scream, "I love you!" from the top of my lungs, But I'm afraid that someone else'll hear me. You can only blame your problems on the worlds for so long Before it all becomes the same old song. As soon as we hit the hospital, I know we're gonna leave this town, And get new passports, And get out now. - The [shipped] Gold Standard, Fall Out Boy. Go on, just say it, you need me like a bad habit, One that leaves you defenseless, dependent, and alone. - One-Eighty By Summer, Taking Back Sunday. She says, Live up to your first impression, My best side was your worse invention. Why can't you live without the attention? - One-Eighty By Summer, Taking Back Sunday. Just a few. I'll probably post more over time, as said before. ~Mew
  7. Hey, Admin, you may or may not have answered this before without my knowledge [i've read throughout the topic, but I could've easily missed something], but do you know what program the new Chat is going to be running on? I spend a great majority of my time on TamaTalk in the Chat moreso than the forums-- I still post, just not very often, and I was asking out of curiosity, as earlier me and some other Chatters were questioning this. We were assuming maybe the 'old' Java Chat, but possibly a better version of that one, as well, seeing as we haven't had it in a while? This being because of the money issues that made the site switch back to the original Flash about a year ago. Also, is there a way of merging old accounts with new ones? ie; the account I was known best on and posted the most on was ~Pokemon*Mew~ back a while ago, before I registered under this name. I'd prefer that maybe my old posts from my ~Pokemon*Mew~ account be transferred here, but keep the account name Ocean.A v e n u e? [so one could go to my account and see the merged amount of posts from both accounts, and tell them that I was formerly ~Pokemon*Mew~, treating it as if my name had simply been changed, not a full-on new account.] Would that be possible under the new system? And the same going for my register date-- For it to say I registered on February Eighteenth, 2008 instead of March Thirteenth, 2010? Basically, keep all the account info from my former account and new account under the same name. Thanks. (: ~Mew
  8. Myself and I are in a love/hate relationship. Looks-wise, I guess I'm becoming more comfortable with myself. I just wish I didn't have freckles or a natural pink tone to my cheeks. Personality-wise, I'll never like myself. ~Mew
  9. I'll probably get them in the next couple years. Crooked bottom front teeth. Slightly off two very-front ones. ~Mew
  10. Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche -- Escape The Fate. ~Mew
  11. Pokemon game music. Aaand it just turned into That Green Gentleman -- Panic! At The Disco. ... Yes, I have Pokemon video game music on my iPod. ~Mew
  12. The World Has It's Shine [but I Would Drop It On A Dime] -- Cobra Starship. ~Mew