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    Gaming, painting, books (Richard Laymon, Stephen King, Dean Koontz) the arts, mythology, and horror movies :P Also tamas YAY. Love spending time with my brothers, sibling are friends you get to have forever <3 :P

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  1. Hey Guys Im Back!!! I have been away waaaaay too long, but now that I have some time off im going to be fring up some tamas :P Also check out my profile, my hair has gone from red to blue :P

    1. riririn


      your hair is really pretty *_*

  2. Im finally back!! Ive been moving nhouse for about a month and working all the time, but it feels good to be able to have some downtime on my favourite site :P

  3. Was baking a blue and pink swirl love heart cake for valentines day, and my snow white kitty jumped up on the counter and walked herself through the food colouring I had spilt on the counter, now i have little pink and blue paw prints everywhere....and all over her haha :P

  4. Hey there Dawn, the V4 is one of my absolute fave tamas so I can help with this question Generally keeping your Tama at its minimum weight is considered "good care", this is the case with most tamagotchis however there are a few exceptions.I usually have my tamagotchi within 10lb of its minimum weight and I can always get the character I'm aiming for. I would also recommend putting it to sleep rather then pausing it, because pausing delays the growth of the tama by a fair amount, not just the length of time you had it paused, where as if you need to just "have a break for a little while" putting it to sleep doesn't delay the growth at all (unless the time its meant to evolve is when its sleeping, but if this is the case it will just evolve when it wakes up) and you wont have to worry about the hunger/happy meters from emptying. In saying that make sure when you put it to sleep that you remember when its going to be waking up, because I ave done it before and forgotten that it was due to wake up, and had a couple of care misses. By doing these things and just generally giving good care you should get the Tama you are aiming for, hope I helped
  5. Finaly have a picture of myself in my "about me" section that isnt the size of a postage stamp or hard to see, took me a while but I figured it out haha :) By the way Happy Valentines Day everyone

    1. Agent_Nami


      you're so pretty! *^-^*

    2. CuteLilChibiTama<3


      Awww thats very very sweet, thank you :P

  6. Finaly have a picture of myself in my "about me" section that isnt the size of a postage stamp or hard to see, took me a while but I figured it out haha :) By the way Happy Valentines Day everyone

  7. Cannot wait to get my pikachu hoody in the mail :)

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    2. The Ultimate Doomer
    3. caomi
    4. CuteLilChibiTama<3


      @Eternal Mametchi Fan - I already have a Pika umbrella, I love it, it has little ears attached and everything :)


      And yes pikachu is quite cute, my favourite pokemon though is drifloon :) he is SUPER cute! :P

  8. Am really enjoying having my colour Pokemon Pikachu 2 running, its so adorable, really melts my heart :D I also have a pikachu hoody coming in the mail complete with ears and tail attached hehe

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    2. CuteLilChibiTama<3


      That really sucks :( it is a pretty cute tama. I'm sorry that you lost it, maybe one will show up on ebay or something and you or your parents can get you a new one as a gift :)

    3. Orandatchi


      **sigh** Good times with that one.. It was also lost with some sort of P1 or P2. =(

    4. CuteLilChibiTama<3


      All my facourite memories with tamas are with ones I dont really have anymore. I'm sure you will find them again sometime :)


  9. Actually they were very polite with what the said, and were merely expressing how they felt, its not very fair and a little hypercritical to call someone out for being "rude" (which they weren't) in a manner that is a little rude itself @ EternalMametchiFan - Don't worry about it darl its fine, sometimes people don't come across the way they intend on the internet:P ANYWAY, I quite like being able to play with my colour tamas at night when I cant sleep, it always does the trick to play a couple of games with it in bed, then put it to sleep and not have to get up to turn the light off However on TamaMenagerie they is a modded tama where the cardboard in it is glow-in-the-dark so you can see it at night, as soon as I can find some glow-in-the-dark cardboard I'm going to try it Pixelated or colour,I love playing with any Tama
  10. why were the french fries upset?...because they were A-SALTED....hehe yep I am that lame :P

  11. starting to irk me that I cant change my photo... :(

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    2. SailorRosette


      Log out of Tamatalk and then log back in in a few minutes. It worked for me last time.

    3. rbarnett


      Mine changed yesterday after waiting for weeks... patience I guess. :(

    4. CuteLilChibiTama<3


      Thanks heaps guys, at least I know its not just me :P Its something I'll just have to get used to i guess :) And thanks Tamamum for the link, it explains it well

  12. If any of you were the little ichigotchi following me (Dorotchi) on Music city, I didnt dissapear to be rude my connection was lost :P

  13. Does anyone know how long it takes for a digimon to evolve?

  14. Are you ready for this? Running my Santaclautch, Angelgotch, iD Melody crown, iDL, and now 2 oldschool brick digimon, the first ones released :D

    1. CuteLilChibiTama<3


      The combined worth of what im running is about $700....dont think I will be taking them outside.