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    Uhhhhhh! I hate these thingers! Oh well, I'm bored i guess I shall. Hmmmm my interests are bugging people XD, drawing stick figures, reading (occasionally), and hanging with my buds!!! Thanx for stopping by!!! Would like some fries with that? Lolz!

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  1. Thanx soooo much! Oh yeah, I think you have a typo because it's not HATSUGATCHI it's HATUGATCHI >.>
  2. OHHHH! That happened to me except that when I tried to click "Marry" It wouldn't let me...
  3. It's get married to one of the band members?! I never knew that!!! Thanx!!!
  4. Ok. This morning I woke up to see that my tamagotchi had turned brown... But, the day before it was in its FULL color! I'm not very sure on how many people reading this have a Tamagotchi Color but if you do... HELP!!!
  5. Lolz! That must have taken time to make that! I would never have that much patience to do that! But still, that's really AWESOME!
  6. Heyyy! I was just wondering if you could mate a tamagotchi v6 and v5!!! I'm very impatient so I really hate waiting for the Matchmaker!!!! Please HELP!