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  1. Moved to gutsyGumshoe.

  2. Ahhhh, killed my log. Dippy got married(couple days ago, lol) to Mukimukitchi. Why. This time I got a baby girl, yay. c: I named her Lyra. Man she's such a cutie, but I didn't take care of her very well... She evolved to a Tamatchi and then to a Young Ura-Memetchi. See? Ultimate cutie(Tamagotchi wise, of course). Went to school, chose Flower Teacher, got a sweet lookin' hat thingy. Gotchi King came and gave me two fishing poles(I love those things, 'kay.), the first one gave me a huge fish, the second pole gave me 1000 Gotchi Points. Yay. Alright, I'm gonna try and aim for Urazukyutchi. And by aim I mean by leaving it alone while doing homework hoping she doesn't die.