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    Hej~ Hallo~ Konnichiwa~ Caio~ Ni hao~ Bonjour~ Hola~ Privet~ Hey~
    So me? Okay well. My name's Kristin, I'm thirteen years old, from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Yep. That small island on the east coast of Canada, home of Anne of Green Gables, birthplace of confederation, etc... -point to a map- See that itty-bitty dot right there? Yep, that's PEI, all right!
    Anyway. I'm just a short, flag-obsessed, teenager. The same height as Snooki, actually~ I get really loud obnoxious hiccups a lot. Sometimes up to three times a day. My accent's really annoying. It's like... Canadian accent with a Scottish and Southern twist to it. I've never been to the South before, and I've only lived in Scotland two months of my life, so I have no idea where I picked up those accents. OTL.
    I love Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, and Ouran High School Host Club. And I watch other animes too, but... I dunno, I just don't love them as much.
    So yep~ That's me. PM me if you want to. I'll always answer of course. And if you want, add me on msn, but tell me who you are. I won't add you if I don't at least know your username.
    Au Revoir~ Ciao~ Auf Wiedersehen~ Dasvidaniya~

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  1. Does anybody read the website six billion secrets? [ sixbillionsecrets.com ] I read it like everyday. And I submit a /lot/ of secrets. But none have gotten posted so far. So yeah. Does anybody else here read it? Or just me?
  2. I'm not sure if I want to cry or punch a wall right now. Either way I think one of my old friends hates me now. :l

    1. tamagirl1017


      why do you think that??


  3. Talking to Grace on msn [well not really, dead conversation. |D] Facebook role playing Chewing on a gingerale bottle Tumblr
  4. I swear, and a lot too. And I don't do it to be cool, either. I already hang out with the popular kids, and they actually scold me when I swear. Pfft those kids are like my parents. It's just a habbit. I swear aaaalll the time. Around my parents, teachers, other parents, ect... Except around little kids. I don't really have a reason to swear around them. But like when I'm around adults, I usually swear in German or Russian or Japanese or something. That way they won't know I'm swearing. xD But if I'm by myself or my friends I swear in english. I dunno, my friends have gotten used to it by now. xD
  5. I'm allergic to earrings~ They make my ears all ichy. It's fine for a day, though. I haven't put earrings in my ears since I was like 11, and I discovered last night that I can still get earrings in my ears. So I'm wearing small gold hoops right now. :3
  6. Honey from Ouran High School Host Club. Me and him would get along so great and everything. <333 Cake-fest all night long. YEEAAAAHHHH. Poland from Hetalia. <333 We'd totally go shopping for dresses and skirts and everything~ Me and him would soooo get along so awesomely. ...And Lithuania from hetalia. Just so me and Poland could dress him in skirts and tell him how adorable he looks. And take pictures. And post them on facebook. <3
  7. Courtney and I are really obsessing over "Chuck Norris" and "Dinkleberg", so we came up with Dinklenorris and Chuckberg. And in math class, one of the word problems had a guy named Walter, and the picture showed an African-American kid with a red/white striped shirt and glasses. So Courtney screamed out "I FOUND BLACK WALDO!"
  8. Actually, here, the "Uggs" trend stopped like last year. Nobody wears them anymore. And I've never even heard of North Face or Vera Bradleys. The trends here are BENCH. jackets, Aeropostal, and American Eagle. And for footwear? Probably knee-high boots. But yeah, I have a pair of uggs. They're black, and they're covered in hay that I can't get off, so I don't wear them anymore. xD
  9. I have no idea what's wrong with me, I've been feeling sick and hungry all week and my stomache keeps cramping up. :l And I nearly fainted today. Something's not right here...

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    2. Dorkfish04


      could be the flu, it's been going around

    3. B e t h y <3

      B e t h y <3

      Eat some saltine crackers and drink some ginger ale. Always helps me. (:

    4. superstar_128
  10. Imma go on a PM-ing spree. And make new friends, and talk to my old friends and stuff~

  11. That people around here cancel school during awesomely warm and sunny days like this. And that cinnamon-flavored jelly beans are really horrid.
  12. That moment of horror when you realise the only jelly bean flavors left in the jar are the gross ones like coconut, coffe, and pineapple. :l

    1. tamagirl1017


      lol i like coconut