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  1. Was thinking about an old friend earlier and I just realized...I dont even remember his name. Lol It makes me sad. I havent talked to him in a few years either. We only talked on Tama-Zone here and there but he was a nice friend. I hope hes doing good.

  2. I can't wait to download this when I get home! I remember when you first started working on it and its coming out great it seems! Great Work!
  3. They really shouldnt be priced for that much. People are spending the money on them so people think they're worth that much but in reality they arent
  4. What tama should I run! I need some cheering up.

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    2. Hapihapitchi


      I'm running a v4.5 rn.. You can join me :3

    3. Hanikamitchi


      I have the music star AND the Tamago!

    4. cole.sseum


      a clinton tamagotchi


  5. I wonder, what's the Devilgotchi like? Is it hard to raise?

  6. Log will now be featuring my Devil and Mothra :)

  7. Hey everyone! Quick update about Akari. She's still Hitodechi of course, and I got to give her a couple scoldings today since she was acting out for no reason. I did take her to work with me today, and it wasnt too busy so I was able to check up on her. She did loose all her hunger hearts at one point since we did get a huge lunch rush, but she was all gucci after that. The peddler came by to sell some food this morning and I bought an octopus looking thing. (He only sells food I believe) and then he came back later to sell me some lobster but we aren't swimming in cash yet so I couldnt afford to get her the lobster. And that was it mainly for the day! I'll include pictures tomorrow morning! Hungry: ♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥ 2 yr 8 grams Girl Gen 1 Training: 2 bars 340 Gotchi Points - LCW
  8. Check out my new log everyone :D (Pictures are always present

  9. Hello! If you didnt know, I am LittleChocoWolf but I am called Chocogotchi on my instagram. So if you want to see just pictures you can follow me there. But here is my log! Where I will be keeping the records of the virtual pets I run and how I got them, etc. I hope you enjoy reading! Also, i got inspiration to start logging again because of *mimitchi*'s log! Do check out her log <3 -------------------- So I got my first Keitai in the mail today! I have a Keitai Akai which has red pixels and a couple different characters, but today I got my first regular Keitai. The Keitai is simple like the original PLUS Tamagotchi. It doesnt have many characters it can evolve in to, and like the Plus, Keitai, Entama, and Uratama - there is no shop. You have to wait for a certain time when the Vendor comes to visit to sell you something. So its always good to buy whatever he has since he only sells one item at a tme. (If I remember correctly) So I bought this beautiful shell on Ebay for 12 USD dollars (free shipping!). Its used and didnt come with packaging but it was so pretty that I couldn't turn it down! I cant resist transparent shells. Anyways, I pulled out the tab that the seller included (along with a battery) and set the time and day (August 22nd, 7:26pm) and then I put my birthday in (5/28). A minute or so later, the egg hatched and out came a baby girl! I named her Akari (あかり) which means something around light or brightness I believe? (not sure lol) Her first hour or so as a baby was like any other. Pooping occassionally, and dropping hearts semi-fast. There are three games to play. One is catching the musical notes and another is shooting a ball in to a basket and the third one is a racing game of some sort. (Have to guess which place you'll get in?) So, Akari started crying and I couldnt remember if praise or scold was the first option (since it's in Japanese) so I did scold by accident She got mad at me lol And finally she evolved in to the cute star shaped tama, Hitodechi! (ALSO, the Keitai isnt gender restricted i believe, so you can get any character really - depending on care) Here are her stats: Hungry: ♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥ 1 yr 7 grams Girl Gen 1 Training: 0 bars 250 Gotchi Points - LCW Bonus photo :
  10. College on Tuesday. Welp. RIP

  11. Cant really miss something you still use lol But the rubber buttons were nice but they wouldnt work right with the new color tamas. The actual feeling of pushing a button on a color tama feels good too lol
  12. Should I start logging again?

    1. Tamacass


      Yeah!! I love reading logs, especially with pictures :3

    2. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Go for it, Choco! ^3^

  13. Its funny because you bought Mimitchi's tamagotchis off ebay and you're name on here is Mimitchi. LOVELY log though. Makes me want to start logging again <3