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    V2 - I think I had one :)
    V3 - Blue with yellow star shell.
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    Music Star - Hot pink shell with star design.
    Familitchi - Pink is all I remember :(
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    V4 and Music Star - I can't find my others :(
  1. Is your proflie picture Tokyo Mew Mew? I don't know much of the manga but just asking :)

  2. I have had lots of experience too... THEY FREAK ME OUT! One was my dads one. When my dad was young he was sleeping in he grandfathers room while his sisters were getting washed. By the way his grandad wad in the grave, you know.He heard footsteps under the bed and really scared and checked there and there was his grandads old shoes lying there.. Creepy.. Once I was at school and I went to the loo by myself [ok laugh] I heard someone come in bacically open the door and walk around the loo. I wanted to see who it was and went outside and no one was there and that was scary because they only went IN not out. Once I was sliding of my bed for fun and something,something wierd pushed me right of head firrst on the floor
  3. Big dogs [everyone this person is right] are really friendly like the Boxer dog. Boxers are really strong and can be dangerours.. I mean no. They can not because they are soo friendly.
  4. Niko! Oh what a lovely name! Can you tell us what breed he is?
  5. I was thinking which is your favourite tamagotchi character. I thought for myself,not in order: .Mametchi:mametchi: .violetchi .chimamechi .mimitchi:mimitchi: furawatchi .itchigotchi:ichigotchi: .ringotchi. memetchi
  6. Any age really, play as long as you like because they are just virtual pets, it won't hurt you. I am voting for absolutely, so regrets about it any age.
  7. Good job. I love them too, although I am a girl. I am really happy at the moment because I just found, the one which i thought had bitten the dust, V4 tamagotchi. Cupcake Ciara
  8. I couldn't say they are for girls only. there are plenty of shells for boys and I know about a trillion boys who have one. Even if they WERE a girls toy at first, they are both genders . I am not saying that because I am a boy because I am a GIRL!
  9. I don't like the V1 or the fakes. I think I once had a fake or a V1. mmmm... Was it a fake or V1. Either way it was rubbish.
  10. Can it be V6 too? I have a V3and V6 soon BOTH of them will be doing the baby prosess...
  11. Maybe they are all good. Also I can not insert a picture of him. Sorry. Look on live search images V3 groth chart and find a labled good one you may find Decotchi.
  12. So it is a fine character not one of the bad ones?
  13. Hs anyone else had this tama? He looks like he had trumpet ears and he had black glasses. Scary!
  14. I voted V4. I lost mine though. I have a V3 at the moment which is called Annie and she is a teenager.