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  1. I believe a potato is a legume But I loved this poem, it reminded me of a friend I have...
  2. OMG!!! I luff vocaloid (= Alice of Human Sacrifice Trick or Treat Daughter of Evil FTW!!
  3. The steady sound of half-frozen, grinding gravel filtered into the cool night air. If you looked closely, one might be able to see a small orange light steadily rise, brighten for just a moment, and lower again while a small jerk was made and a dog would steady pace. Yes, it was "that boy", the one who few acknowledged and even fewer would talk to. He was only fourteen of course; much to young to be smoking, but 'twas not his fault. The young adolescent was dragged into the disgusting habit by the few that would talk to him, and it slowly overtook his body, just like the strange images that would soon find their way into his mind. This particular tree-lined path looked any other one might find in find in New England if not for the noose it lead to. The tree's were large, old and the cacophony of oranges, browns, and yellows had always found their way in the autumn. But tonight was different. While many children of his age found the halloween bush parties, and the one's even older were holding the bush parties, he was quite content to simply walk his dog. Halloween never really held much interest for him; Candy was always too sweet, costumes were always too generic, and the whole idea was merely entertaining...a children's story. However, what made this Halloween different from anyother, was because in this particular New England town, it was 500th anniversary of the death of the first convicted witch in New England; His great-great-great grandmother. A rather plain, noob-ish story, yes? He had always thought so. What a coincidence that,in this particular town, in this particular part of New England, that this particular woman, would be his ancestor? Merely another thing to laugh about. So on this fine Halloween night in the town of Ipswich, William Good walked his dog. Many thoughts went throught he boy's brain as he took the last drag of the cigarette; The latest wave of hate and humiliation he recieved as a result of his homosexuality, the results of his latest math quiz, and a strange 2 second vision that had suddenly come to him upon stepping onto the forest path. The latter was by far, the most interesting, and troubling all at the same time, like a slowly fermenting stew that tormented his young mind. (End of Chapter one) So tell me what you think, I had to come up with a story for English, this is what came out, so if people like it, perhaps I shall cotinue.
  4. Yes. I think we should reorganize the forums, a change of pace (besides the all-around upgrade) would be nice.
  5. I joined in '05, I have had several accounts because I was just a noob in grade 4. Then I had rediscovered it after I started up an old tamagotchi and needed help, and have been on three different accounts, this is my most recent.
  6. I have no where where I can buy a halloween costume that I actually want. I'm planning on being a Victorian demonic prince/undertaker thing. This means dark clothes (blazer, dress pants, perhaps a flowy cape/robe, and fingerless gloves, etc.), a wellington hat, and I shall order red contact lenses. I have a perfect picture in my mind, I just hope that I can execute the plan.
  7. I am in love with Kuroshitsuji I'm talking to my uncle on facebook I am supposed to be has-ing sleepies right now lol I just noticed that my post is making a staircase hahaa Edit: I lvoe AliceNine, as you can see by my status ;d
  8. Avatar: Still a masquerade ball mask thing... I haven't found a decent new one to go with my siggy. Signature: The name of a Japanese Visual Kei band..whom I have a crush on, and a crown.
  9. I am having odd memories...none of which have ever occured in my lifetime...
  10. Wrong place for this conversation guys...
  11. I believe I used to roleplay with the TPAM, long...LONG ago