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  1. Okay, so sorry about not being able to keep track as much as i would like to but this post may be kind of long because i need to tell you about EVERYTHING thats has happened. Well, basically, on tuesday, yesterday, my other tama that i ordered had arrived and so i was setting the time and everything for it and i was getting excited hoping it was a boy The amount of happiness that overcome me when i seen that little black petitchi pop out of the egg was great. I decided to name him Codie ,because thats the middle name of one of my 'friends' :L haha, anyways, his toy is a UFO and his instrument is a violin After codie was a petitchi, h turned into a kuchitamatchi, and then into a kikitchi. (I LOVE KIKITCHI'S, THEY'RE SOO CUUTE!) So right now Codie is 1yrs old (: As for my other tama, Skye, while i was fixing Codie up, i heard a bleep and it was for the door icon, so i went to the door and guitaritchi came and first of all gave me 1,000,000p but the time after, he brought my little Skye a Mametchi to marry I was so happy as i also love mametchis (: So, they worked their magic and i sat and watched the fireworks set off and end. I waited for a while until finally, another baby girl popped out Right now, skye is supposed to leave her baby girl but she isn't but i dont mind because i do love my Skye (: I think i might name the girl Riley or Bayley (: Cause they sound cute. Right now, both tamas are sleeping but i will try and get their stats up, if i can see it because the lights are off in my room at the moment. Oh yeah, while i try and set the light off my laptop to my tama, im also hoping to put up some pictures of the tamas? If anyone knows then please tell me (: Another thing, thank you for the 117 views so far! Im pleased, even though my log obviously isnt the best (: Heres Skyes stats: 6yr 47lb hungry <3<3<3< happy <3<3<3<3 stress 00 tone 999 rhythm 999 original 999 (: WOOP! Asian Music 1g 4047190p And heres Codie's stats: 1yr 20lb hungry <3<3<3<3 happy <3<3<3<3 stress 25 (woops) tone 41 rhythm 14 original 24 classical music 1g 3200p (: Well thats it from me right now, i'll try and log tomoro (: Bye-Bye (: (PS I told you it would be a long post(: )
  2. Yaaaaaaaay! Skye passed the judges FINALLY, and is currently at 1st place. She has got 1st place awards for Rock N' Roll and Hip Hop Im very pleased! We also have been visiting Tokyo,London, Sydney and New York.. Playing concerts and alot of people have showed up to them due to the whole rows being full :)She just turned four about 10 mins ago and she is currently sleeping, i just cant wait for her to have the matchmaker come and so i can move onto the next generation, it won't be too long though because she just turned four about an hour ago, so she should turn 5 tomorrow and i will change the time so that she can have her kid before i go back to school on Tuesday. Whereas, im STILL waiting for my other tama to come and its taking forever, its been more than two weeks To be precise,it has been about 16 days Im sick of waiting. Anyways, today, me and Skye went online for about half an hour as it was all i could afford to go on for because it was such a nice day and i didn't want to waste it Then, we played games and concerts all day long, and i have been looking after her all day long too, keeping her stress levels down, making sure the hearts are full etc. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day aswell so im gonna go out and maybe sunbathe for a bit whilst am playing with her Here's Skyes stats for now even though she is sleeping.. Skye 4yrs 34lb Happy <3<3<3<3 Hungry <3<3<3<3 Stress 00 Tone 941 Rhythm 653 Original 929 Hip-Hop Music 1G 45420p Dazzilitchi Thats all for now as i have to get to bed Niiiighhtt
  3. Thanks Guys She is now 3 years old and she should turn four tonight She turned 1 whilst i was asleep soi checked it in the morning. Thanks again -Tamabriostar
  4. Okay guys, its time for another short update on Skye This morning, skye turned into a memetchi, but i had the girls destiney so i used that on her And we've been looking to be getting pro-debut, but she always gets O O X :/ I dont know how to get that last O? Anyways, she got two presents from the king, a chocolate bar and a lobster, so shes ate them:P I've tried for pro-debut for ages, haha but i still havent got it, even though ive completed the band game 3 times. But the judges should come again soon so im gonna go ahead and practice, but first, im gonna give you Skyes stats.. Girl Skye 2yr 25lb Hungry <3<3<3<3 Happy <3<3<3<3 Stress 06 Tone 569 Rhythm 359 Original 597 R&B Music 2240p Dazzilitchi Thats it for now.. Until Later
  5. I have got my tama now and its an adult, but, i dont know what to do because when i press the away button it goes to the band game thing when you press the buttons to the music and that, and i always miss one? and it always goes.. UHUHHH and i have to do it again? Also, how can i pass the judges? How can i get more fans and everything? And finally, how to get pro-debut? Because i realy dont know what to do :/ Thaanks
  6. Okay thank you! But i have just checked it and it now says 1yr Thankyou!
  7. Well, what can i say today, well, i haven't really been taking very good care of her today because i had school and then straight after i had my little cousins birthday party Anyways, Skye has turned into a teenager, ringotchi, due to the bad care.. but the strange thing is, it says that she is still 0yrs old? So if you know anything about that, please do help me, im confused. Anyways, when i was at school i was sitting at lunchand she got 2000p from the king, how nice! and so we nicely spent some of that at the shop on a plant which turned into a beautiful flower She got sick once and did like 5 poops today :L Ha Ha. Im just going to check her stats so here it is. 0yr 30lb hungry <3<3<3<3 happy <3<3<3<3 stress 04 tone 183 rhythm 74 original 119 Pop music (she went from hip-hop, to latin, to pop) ringotchi 1G 4800p so thats skyes stats for now also today we went on tamagotchieurope.com for a while and got some stuff to do up her apartment and we also made a CD and put it in for the comp next week Also, another weird thing, since she is a teen now, she hasnt aged? she hasnt been to pre-school? and she hasnt been to music school? also, she hasnt got a band yet?:/ If anyone can help with these problems.. Thanks
  8. Well, im kinda new to this tama, and i havent really been taing very good care of her because i have school and today i had my little cousins party But anyways, i started her up about 4:59pm yesterday and about ten minutes ago, she turned into an ringotchi, due to the bad care but, she still hasn't turned 1 year old? Im confused? Shes a teenager and she hasnt turned 1 yet? Any help will do And could someone please tell me whats wrong? Thaaanks.
  9. Okaay so, the last post i made was quite short because my little cousin came round and all she wanted to do was play so we did. But heres some more info about this tamagotchi. I was quite chuffed that it came today because it was actually supposed to come on friday Anyways, it got sent to my granny's so after school i got changed and walked down there, ready to start up my wee baby :') I ripped off the packaging and i was kinda confused because it look rather smaller than what it did back in the day But maybe thats just because my hands have gotten bigger since i was 7. Haha. Anyways, when out of the packaging, i took out the tab and set the time, date and birthday(: I was waiting a while but it finally hatched into a baby girl :') I named her Skye. Right now, Skye is sleeping but i will tell you her stats: Girl 10lb Skye Hungry <3<3<3<3 Happy <3<3<3 Stress 04 Tone 97 Rhythm 50 Original 40 Hitodetchi Hip-Hop Music 1G 3000p So thats about Skye for now and about her stats, comment or PM me about anything you want and your sure to get an answer... Eveentually. Haha. Byee Byeee -Tamabriostar <3 (PS- We also went on tamagotchieurope.com for about 2 hours, hehe)
  10. EEEEK! One of my tamas came today! And ive started it up and its a little girl called Skye, at the moment heres her stats: 0yr 10lb :L Hungry <3<3<3<3 Happy <3<3<3<3 stress 00 tone 86 rhythm 40 original 30 Hip-Hop Music Hitodetchi 1g 3000p
  11. Okay, so i just came on here shortly to say.. MY BLACK V6 IS COMING TOMORROW! YAAY!! Thats all..
  12. Thanks for the help,you two I will reply again when i finally get my tamagotchi
  13. EEEEEK! So it's about 5 days until my black tamagotchi music star should come excited much? I've been checking ebay all day but i cant seem to find any decent other tamagotchi's? If you've found any then message me with the links? Thanks! Anyways, i just wanted to say that i was in town all day today and i just got back, but i went into every shop and asked if they had any and they all turned me down saying that they didn't sell them anymore.. and that really put me down. Although, as much as i love ebay and everything, i just want to get one right now and for it to be here right now so i can play with it, because i get far too excited when i have a set amount of days/times for it to come, i think, when i get home, that i will probably take a trip up to the loft/attic to see if they're in any boxes up there because they would have been packed when we moved in the summer. I know the summer was quite a while ago but i havent really been looking forward to be back into tamagotchi until now, i dont know why but it just came on me.. Anyways, i'm gonna go head up the loft and i'll post later if i've found anything.. BYES!