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  1. My download speed, it's criminal.

    1. Oranda


      mine, it holds 55 years of traffic

  2. Actually it's not. There is no legitimate way, they may, one day distribrute them because the sprites exist, though the sprites exist purely for the fact hackers games won't be destroyed when they try to get a shiny Zekrom/Reshiram/Victini (Funny how they take care of hackers also)
  3. EarthBound/Mother the best game series of all time

    1. yattatchi425


      yes, yes it is! :D

  4. Wow, thanks computer for crashing my video project for my RE assessment TEN TIMES had to re record loads of stuff =_= RAGE

  5. Don't not care about EV's like that. I reccomend trying to breed good IV's and EV train from the start. You can just do the classic switch-out-and-train method. Any battle you earn EXP will earn you EV's. Also you don't need to max out 2 stats. I know people who use very abstract EV's like Conkeldurr having one extra speed just to outspeed every other normal set conkeldurr. I reccomend checking the Smogon OU/Uber tier list (Uber because they have their tiers based on their Pokemon Online server) Also Mewtwo can die easily to Arceus because Mewtwos base stats are 680 whereas Arceus's are 720. If you need help reccomending pokemon and sets just send me a messege (I will reccomend using a Sunshine team because Drought Ninetales and a Chlorophyll Jumpluff along with some other pokemon that can balance things out)
  6. My parents won't let me go to the pokemon spring tournament in Birmingham TT^TT

    1. rbarnett


      I didn't even know there was such a thing? Sounds awesome!

  7. I forgot to say (sorry for double post) this is BW only
  8. Okay simple tournament over wi fi if you can't do wi fi I will accept Pokemon Online battles also I decide who gets paired with whom those are the basic rules tournament wise Restrictions: Anything that's accepted by normal online random matchup So that means restricted moves must be removed. Legal or not. Hopefully you know that the trios of pokemon are allowed along with Latios/ias So that does mean Pseudo Legendaries are allowed as I know some rules restrict them It will happen not this weekend but next weekend and it will continue on days where players of both sides are available on their battle and should end by the end of march. Hopefully we won't get no shows but I'll handle with that if it happens TRY AND GET A VIDEO OF THE BATTLE (Record on VS recorder or use a Battle Log on Pokemon Online) Blah Blah. If I forgot something remind me pl0x
  9. So bored(zzz) I'm thinking of doing a Pokemon Tourney on here but I'm not sure if anyone would join X-X

    1. SailorRosette


      People have before. I would just expect to wait til the weekend for bulk of the battles to commence.

    2. Nazotchi25


      i would so join if my router was compatible with my DS

      stupid cheep router >_


  10. Valentines day. Just another Tuesday. TT_TT

  11. Has anyone heard of the Rugrats Theory? It's so sad! I actually WOULDN'T reccomend it.

    1. rbarnett


      Haha, that thing going around FB? I really don't think it's true. And I'M gullible.

    2. chollands


      It's not true but it's creepypasta and 80% of the episodes actually point to it.

    3. nokotchi


      The stupid theory wrecked my childhood. ;^;

  12. I'm not sure if it would still be in shops but you can check the web site easily. I have a T-Mobile Nokia 5300 which works.
  13. Protest against SOPA. If you don't say goodbye to the MOST VISITED WEBSITES IN THE WHOLE WORLD

    1. '/={3


      hells YEAH



    1. plnkpenguin


      So my suspicons are correct.

      NYAN CAT WILL RULE THE WORLD. Ov courze, lolzcatz r DEFINITLEEZ not doingz the same thingz twoz mez. IZE HAZ CHEEZEBURGERZ!

    2. chollands