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  1. Music City?! That is the Tamagotchi Music Star TamaTown, not v4.5, The v4.5 Tamatown is Here. You can visit the Parents, you were just visiting the wrong TamaTown, that's all!
  2. My TamaTown Tama-Go has just arrived in the post the post today! He's now an Akhirutchi!
  3. I don't have one yet, but I just don't get the whole "Friendship Meter" Concept, is that for Connecting or what? If not, how do you earn bars on it? Do you play games? If you could answer those It'd really help, though It really does not matter and may or may not affect the growth of my Tamagotchi, I'm just feeling awfully curious, I'm also wondering if you got a Figurine with your Tama-Go or not and if It'll be like that when they come out in stores. Which reminds me, Has anyone found them in Local toystores like WalMart or ToysRUs yet? And yes, A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to BabyMANGO!!!! You must be VERY fascinated!! A Lot to keep you entertained for sure!! Have fun With your Tama-GO! And Figurines!!!!
  4. Did he really raise them that high!? For delivery purposes I can understand, but for just the Tamagotchi ALONE!? He's going a bit too far, thanks for talking some sence into him, I didn't see those really overpriced ones until yesterday.
  5. Feeling sick. As was I So I had to pause Mimi for a while, Okay, so earlier today we went to Tamatown and raised her Stats a little: Now her Tone is 264, Rhythm = 268 and origional = 357. Her stress was at a "High-for-this-stage" 15, so I praised her, she liked that! Next we played some games which then raised them to: 314, 284 and 357! More from me soon! EDIT: at 7:49 I noticed her doing the little potty-dance and I quickly managed to activate the toilet icon in time, now she just fell asleep. All hearts are filled and stress level - still at zero zero.
  6. Okay! , I'm in GMT, By the way, so! Let's get started!
  7. Well, that's just to get more people to buy the Tama-Go, right? If enough don't sell, they won't make more Tamagotchi. Anyway, It's going to be released in April.
  8. Yeah! I am very glad! If you go there, you will see ANOTHER "Under Construction" Sign?! How many Cities are they Releasing?
  9. I like it very much! It has good games and new hiding places! Also, it has posters of all of my favourite characters!!
  10. Congratulations!! Is it out in that area already?! I could've asked my uncle to get me one from there! XD
  11. What? Did you order them on the same day?
  12. Yeah, I agree, I was just wondering since Memetchi <3 has a code and so does Kapteeni Kilppa and they don't have the Tama-Go, do they?
  13. Did you give any codes out?! Uuh, yeah, forget I said that, anyways, congrats! How do you like it?
  14. LOL, The Tama-Go itself was $18 or something, the reason it was raised that high was because I live in Europe, it was to pay for delivery out of the USA, if I didn't live outside of the US it would be cheeper.