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    Hello Kitty :3<br>Deviant Art (user is: artsychik)<br>Music (particularly NeverShoutNever and Joanna Newsom)<br>Alice in wonderland<br>Chilin' (at le mall !)<br>Swimming<br>watching movies<br>webkinz x3x<br>and of course... TAMAS !<br><br>Random things about me:<br>i like to color in coloring books<br>I love to draw&paint<br>i can't do sports<br>[except for swimming]<br>i'm VERY clumsy<br>i used to fall down the stairs ALL THE TIME<br>i hate icing unless its very good quality<br>i LOVE whipped cream<br>My favorite singer is Christofer Drew<br>i love Anime, especially CUTE anime.<br>--<br><br>--<br>Copy and paste? Yay.<br><br>If you ever fell off a chair backwards, copy this into your profile.<br><br>If you've ever threatened your computer, copy and paste this into your profile<br><br>If you've ever pushed on a door marked pull or vice versa, copy and paste this into your profile<br><br>If you drink tea, copy this in your profile.<br><br>If you ran up a "Down" escalator, copy this into your profile.<br><br>If you have ever fallen up the stairs, copy this into your profile.<br><br>If you're the kind of person who laughs at something that happened the day before, copy and paste this into your profile.<br><br>If you like chocolate, copy and paste this into your profile.<br>

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  1. NOOOOO! X.X the poor tamas! all of that work&love! WASTED! i.... i.... I ACCIDENTALLY RESET MY FAMILITCHI! you see, i was testing out this new pen i got, and i thought "why not try to use it to poke my tama" because apparently my mind wasn't working right at that moment, but i was thinking of just downloading afterwards BUT I HIT THE RESET BUTTON INSTEAD! RAWWWWR! BUT i'm going to create a new account :] instead of my nickname i will be called by my other nickname! so, yep, look for it!
  2. cute picture above ^^ oh yeah: :] sense i didn't get anymore mail, she will be the one to marry, unless someone is feeling contrary i love my violetchi.
  3. well, i'm sick YUP me. sick. as a dog. its weird how one second your feeling fine and the next *BAM* you don't feel good. guess who didn't evolve? my tamas. guess who was talking to the fridge a second ago? birdie. -Cleoscara
  4. AHHH! AH! AHHHHHH! I CAN'T BREATHE! I CANT BREATHE! AHHHHH! no seriously, for a second there i really couldn't breathe! Desirae evolved! :"]]] ohmigosh! usually i don't get so worked up but she evolved into a: VIOLETCHI! NO EFFIN JOKE! i can't stop looking at her -gulps- i'm an adult! i'm an adult! i can't wait until dash hears about this! :") YOUR SO CUUUTE! Gosh, i would kill to be a violetchi! me too! me three! ♥♥♥ Yes, yes i know but some are not as fortunate as me. ... ... ... ... Okay! looks like Cleo is still a little mesmerized to talk so Bai! Love, Desi [the Violetchi]
  5. I know. I posted about 2 seconds ago buuut.... PAGE 2!!! RAWWWWWWRRR! :] yay! yay! yay! yay! yay! yay! ~CLLEEEOOOO!
  6. Post 20! :] You know what i don't get? when the Tamas poop in the v.5 there's only 1 poop, but 3 of them. would there be 3 poops if all of them had to "go" or do they just keep it at one to make it simple? really. its confuzlling! Haha, uncomfortable topic. you know the term i NEVER use: LOL i mean, i use ROFL haha LMAO Heh Hur but not LOL whatever. Hey! sweet Desirae got mail!!! oh. just a poop. I swear whoever is sending her those poops seriously has some issues! WHAT they don't like Ichigotchis or something?!? *tisk tisk tisk* -Cleorific [LOLcano]
  7. ♥, Hullo! Desirae won't tell me how her "Date" went so now i'm worried >:[ oh and a bunch of people guessed my name correctly. but don't call me *Alexandra* i like Cleo, and thats all. |:[ wanna hear Desi's music stats? -- T:139 R:250 O:168 -- I need to tighten her shells back :\ one sec... okay! Birdie is talking to the fridge, but i don't want to go into that, she's saying something about water sugar and... ME? >:| probably about how i wont let her drink anymore soda or something. oh and PLEASE TELL ME WHETHER MIMI OR CIRK SHOULD MARRY! please? why do i never run out of anything to say?!? RAWWWWR! mmm, my dog is being boring today. he is in my icon. he's a lazy slob. haha, no. i ♥ doug! but he's still is being boring today > -Cleotamagotchi <like my new siggy?>
  8. Update: Someone keeps sending sweet Desi poop :[ plus my brother was bugging me to get on, so instead i played some lady gaga and that made him leave pretty quickly. >:] -Cleo
  9. Your banned because you didn't have my name in that post! and because you never mentioned how alien zombies eat crackers with there soup!
  10. Name: Madeline Kirie Dotchirie Tamagotchi: Makiko Gender: Female Favorite food: Strawberrys (ichigotchi IS afraid of her) Job: Model x3
  11. Haha, poorly drawn comic, by ME! (for use on my log)
  12. Hello. WILL THIS BE ON PAGE 2 ??? Good news: LIL WEIGHS 99 POUNDS :"[ thats more than me! suckish Comic: It was all a dream her characters base weight is supposed to be 20 pounds :"[ poor thing.
  13. Hello fellow tama lovers! ^ OMGEEZ THAT RHYMES ^ [no?] No evolution today :] but its cool because you being such courteous people, (where did THAT come from?) still view my log. and that means your awesome. More news: ------------------ I got Lil's training up ALL THE WAY and she is barely a teenager. -- The foggl family has 50% bonding :[ ------------------ The family each want to talk individually: RAWWR! hallo! Mimi here and i'm going to marry a and be a or maybe a female Kuchipatchi! NOOOOOOOOO she is not i'm going to marry a Violetchi but i'm going to be a Mametchi! I Do not want to marry but i want to be a Chamametchi! Now i'm still deciding whether Mimi should marry or Cirk. Oh and the king sent Desi some GP! she's also getting tons of poop! but also some hearts! MOOOOOOOM! Desi? i got a love letter! How romantic can a tama get anyway? Cute. *SQUEALLLL* ♥ ♥ ♥ Desirae- Yesss? You better get going. OH YEAH! bye C! C? you know whats hard? well my tamagotchi V.3 is sorta... broken? so when i play with it i can't see when the bottom things light up, so i don't know when shes starving or anything :[ Oh.Well. I'll update later! ~Cleo
  14. And then Kuchipatchi woke up. He had trouble brushing his teeth, and he couldn't eat his breakfast. Kuchipatchi's mother was worried "Son, you've only eaten 1 whole serving! You usually eat 3!" "I know-tchi! I don't want to eat! "YOU DON'T WANT TO EAT?!?!?!" "no-tchi"