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  1. How do I transform back if that is what I've done
  2. I took my character into the section where the symbol is the cap and changed her clothes and then left. I have now tried to go back there and when I try to go back in the tamagotchi won't let me, does anyone have any ideas as to why this would be.
  3. Binary, Thanks for your advice, problem solved Gavin
  4. Hi everyone I hope someone can help.I just recieved my first Store Deka today .I put fresh batteries in plugged into the power using an adapter(I live in Australia)the power comes on for a short period then goes off.I can repeat this over and over ,does anyone have any ideas thanks gavin
  5. severedcat

    Need Help

    Hi all, I have purchased two 1998 furbies NIB from ebay ,unpacked them installed batteries ,held down the tongue pressed the reset button and nothing happened ????????Have I done something wrong? are they both duds ? is there a trick ? All help gratefully appreciated.
  6. Hello , I have just discovered Mutsu water loopers and would really like to get one.If anyone has one for sale or knows of one please respond to this post Thank you