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  1. What up TamaTalk? Just got back from a 7 month break and glad to be back! :) But looking at all the inactive users I once knew tears me up...

    1. x.Tori.x


      Not sure if you will remember me or not, but welcome back! (:

    2. RubyLullaby


      Welcome back :) Yes I wish the people would be more active here c;

    3. Tamafan777


      I actually recognize your username Tori! Glad to see you :) and thanks Ruby!

  2. OMG do you remember me? We were good friends here! And I remember you liked legend of Korra. I just started and it's totally awesome! Hope to see you around!

  3. Well that's some progress have you sent a present yet? I'll add you if you send me one lol. (I'm rank 139) with Kirin of the Aurora, Sakuya as leader.
  4. oml, there are now 2 tamafans active, diz iz sooooooo kewl

  5. Does anyone else play? I want to start a discussion of my favorite game thnx!
  6. So far, I've seen tamagotchis being released every 6 months. Is it going to come out? By the way, long time no see!
  7. Did anyone read this? It's my favorite series! By the way, it's been a really long time since I came here!
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_15 here it is.
  9. One time, my Kikitchi suddenly performed in a concert(and yes, it was a teen Kikitchi) and he just turned into an egg! And like the upper posts said, just change them into new batteries. That happened to me ALOT. It was irritating.
  10. Well, actually, if you raise your tamagotchi's spiritual points too high, you will ALWAYS get a UraKuchipatchi. I think the number was about 120ish to150ish(the spiritual points) . It's same thing for the female tamagotchis and for different skill points. But, you will get different characters for different skill points. Just lower your skill points if you want the character you want. Hope I helped.
  11. I'm pretty sure the toddler you get is random. If you have an odd generation tamagotchi, that is a 1,3,5,7,9,etc..., and you take perfect care without any care misses or one, you'll be able to get Mametchi. Hope I helped. Edit: The upper posts are correct, but I really think that it's based on care misses.
  12. Oh, and every four generations, you unlock more destination and sometimes even more icons! Also, good luck with getting those. :)

  13. Today's Post! Day 36 Yay!!! It's day 36!!! Tamagotchi V4 Today, nothing really was happening to Emi. She just played with her items. Emi is going to evolve tomorrow! I really hope she evolves to Violetchi!!! Stay tuned! Tamagotchi iD-L Hanikamitchi evolved to (drumroll)..............!!! Paintchi!!! I let him get six care misses. He's gotten three of his happy symbols. The last one will come the day after tomorrow. Paintchi went to visit his dad's house. He saw his dad, and he had a meal prepared for Paintchi. The meal Kikitchi offered was Fish and Chips. It turns out that Paintchi was already too full to eat it though. This time, Kikitchi didn't have a meal ready for him. They were both sad. Stay tuned! Extras Have a nice day and stay tuned!
  14. Yesterday's Post. Sorry for not posting yesterday. Day 35 Tamagotchi V4 Yesterday, Emi evolved to (drumroll)..............!!! Young Memetchi!!! Yay, I can get Violetchi!!! She needs the flower skill points(the one on the bottom) the most. I let her get the flower skill points the most. Stay tuned to see if Emi will evolve to a Violetchi! Tamagotchi iD-L Kaubotchi evolved to (drumroll)...................!!! Hanikamitchi!!! Hanikamitchi needs 6+ care misses to evolve to Paintchi. Well, I'll have to get all six care misses. Stay tuned what he evolved right after this post!!! Extras You can PM me anytime you want!