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  1. '/={3

    Tamatown Font

    thats it! holy cow, thanks for tracking it down! much appreciated
  2. '/={3

    Tamatown Font

    heya heya, anyone know the name of/where i can find the "tamagotchi" font? the one used on packaging and on tamatown and stuff? thanks in advance broe
  3. '/={3


    Anyone know where I could find/ have the font used for tamagotchi stuff? It was used in tama town, for instance, as well as packaging and pretty much everything else. Thanks in advance!
  4. @Melontchi Not quite what I was looking for, though this video will prove useful as i have the tools to direct Images @SA311 This is incredible! mustve taken you quite a while to crack the code. these resources will help tremendously! Did you happen to find the jap v3/4 games or shops archived like this as well? Im trying to centic on the US tamatowns. THANKS BOTH!
  5. '/={3


    anyone have the font used in like tamatown and other official related stuffs? yknow which one i mean right ive been trying to find a download or zip or SOMETHING for an hour now. thanks!
  6. to keep it simple, does anyone have any mp3s etc from either tamatowns besides the originals login? im starting on a project to get some of the work back up and running. wayback machine has close to nothing, as the american tamatwon doesnt even load the earth to tamaplanet animation, and the european wont detect and logins. so, yep. if anyone could direct me to mp3s, decent quality images, gifs... really anything. thanks a TON!
  7. '/={3

    Dream Town US Down?

  8. HAS IT REALLY BEEN THAT LONG OMG it seems like only yesterday......... heres to the longevity of tamatalk!
  9. '/={3

    Dream Town Discussion Thread

    why arent memetchi or kutchipatchi in it?
  10. Iv'e heard that it's very boring, with very basic features, and they die very easily. it doesnt appeal to me at all, one point being they didnt include a LOT of tama types, only the v1s, really.. they could have done much better.
  11. that makes me very sad. i had a lot of fun playing on all of the attractions throughout those years... its awful to see them go. i dont thik they have anythig else in store, the tamago came out in 2010 in USA and nothing from there.. :/
  12. '/={3

    Which Tamagotchi should I try next?

    V3 V3 V3 V3 V3 V3 V3 V3 V3 V3 V3 V3 Oh hey there -cough- V3. yeah, Theyre my favorite. That version has a wide character ( especially adult ) variety and many tamas that arent available in ANY other version! Plus, most ALL the design of the tamagotchi itself, (like, the plastic) is absolutely adorable. For example, my V3's are "cherry blossom" Night sky" "Pink Ribbon" and "Red Japan" yeah so V3
  13. '/={3

    Should I Get a Dinkie Dino or Not?

    Holy poop guise, They used to dell these Dinkies at my neighborhood dollar store! (well, $5 store, Its called 5 below) I didnt know they were this valuable.. shouldve gotten one when I had the chance.
  14. First off, the seed is .3134586305687657199 , for those who came just for the seed. you SHOULD spawn partially in the grass, (non mushroom) and partially in Mycelium. Now, this is my first time encountering one of these, so pardon If I may be being a newfag, but there are mooshrooms EEEVVVERYWHEEERE, even some untop of the huge mushroom trees. I made the world to test my skin before logging back into my server, Guess I'll have to keep this one. Happy exploring!