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    I play music on any instrument available, and FOOD <3
    Love Indie & Alternative music. Anime.

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    Kutchipatchi <3 Can you tell? C;
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    Mini, Tama-Go & V1 connection
  1. The tamagotchi, when you first activate it, will ask you to input the username you would like to use when you log onto tamatown. On the tamagotchi itself, you go to the connection icon (heart) and pick PC, which will then give you a password to log onto tamatown Have fun!!
  2. Missed ya TamaTown!! Glad you're back

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      I'm with you on that one

  3. Is TamaTown EVER coming back??

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      Durch_den_monsun doesn'twork for you?

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      ^ works for me, o:

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      I didn't even know about that one >-< Lol!

  4. I guess the tamas that earn them keep them.....It's been a long time since I touched my tama, I forgot XC
  5. Wow!! I LOVE the new site enter page!!

  6. Wow!! I LOVE the new site enter page!!

  7. I love fixing up my room, just got some new stuffs!

  8. Too many things!!! CX The Killers Dark in D.N. Angel Pokemon Food...... Lots more....
  9. Kuromametchi left today, leaving behind a little baby girl Hatched around 4:36pm, and evolved into a Bellitchi at 5:36pm.
  10. Lots of people are saying that TamaTown (the website itself) is down. There have been rumors from people about maintenance or people thinking they're going to close up shop..... It's been down for a while
  11. I'm starting up a log of my own, and as the first post, I'm waaaay behind!! I'm just starting to write this starting my 3rd generation on my Tama-go. I got my Tama-go as a christmas present for myself shortly before christmas, not really thinking it would be as amazing and was completely amazed at how fun it is! Easily one of my favorite tamagotchi versions I'm a little sad though, I don't think I'll be able to get all of the figures. Enough about the boring stuffs, I guess I'll start now In the package: A pink kutchipatchi Tama-go Memetchi Figurine Mametchi Figurine Ringotchi Figurine Started up the Tama, and got a girl. She evolved into a Bellitchi, then a Shellitchi, then a Memetchi She married Shimashimetchi.... 1st Gen. went by pretty fast DX 2nd Gen: got a boy this time, Memetchi left her baby behind. He evolved into a Mattaritchi, then a Kilalatchi, and Finally Kuromametchi- the cool little tama He married a Lovelitchi first encounter at the matchmaker's Which leaves me where I am now, it's the end of the second day, and I'm waiting for him to leave and start the 3rd generation. Given the Tama-go's larger size, it's kind of hard to be discrete with it in school. Teachers would totally think I'm on my cell. I have to send them to bed so that they'll still be asleep by the time I get home from school Meaning I have even less time with them.
  12. I totally love Howl's Moving Castle. The music, the story, even the animation is amazing! Trust me, you won't regret sitting down to watch this one
  13. All the good shows are back :D

  14. Come back TamaTown!