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  1. So I know that the Tamagotchi Mix is a little older, but I was curious what the differences between the different versions are. Like Spacey, Sanrio, Dream, etc. Are there just different characters? Or are there some different places to go to as well, like in the Meets/Ons? And/or does anyone have a link to a good website that has this information? Also, any idea how their tendency towards glitches are? I got my Meets secondhand, it came with a few of its own little non-intrusive (but still odd) glitches but it's starting to develop some more, intrusive ones lately šŸ˜­ So I was wondering if Mixes tend to be more stable, or are they about the same? TIA!!
  2. So my daughter is now playing my old Digital Doggie from when I was a kid (oh the nostalgia!) But I was wondering - does anyone remember how big it can get to? Also, is it weight that causes it to get bigger? I thought it was just time, but then it took a lot longer on one puppy to go from the second stage to the third, but then when I started overfeeding it a little it got bigger quickly. But that didn't happen every time, either, it was like it would only go up one level per day? It's been too long since I played it last for me to remember šŸ˜… And the directions aren't very helpful for these kinds of questions... TIA!
  3. So since the mix is different from meets/on, has an actual guide been made yet for seasonal animations for meets/on?? Just curious since I saw a new one the other night, my tama went out into the yard (somewhere around 8pm I think?) and its pet wasn't there, instead there was a lot of beeping and then he went over to a festival stall and got some cotton candy! Then went back to playing with the pet, as usual. I had no idea that was going to show up!!
  4. Okay so I actually got to watch as one of these guys (although blue) came up and got married to my pet! And it doesn't seem to be a Sanrio pet either. So I guess there's a bigger number of pets that can come to get married?
  5. I wish I'd gotten a picture of it! I've recreated it as best as I could. I originally had the little leafy green pet (first picture), and then the pet that came afterwards looked more or less exactly like that second picture. I was mystified since I couldn't figure out which pet it had married by looking at the Sanrio pets list, but a different version's pets list had that third picture, which is the only one with the characteristics my pet had, with the crazy ears and poofy, spotted cheeks and all! I don't even know anybody near me who has any Tamagotchi, so it was definitely something in-game.
  6. So I've been using the meets pets guide at https://tamatown.com/guides/meets/ to find out how to attract the pets for my specific version (Sanrio meets). I assumed that those pets listed were the only ones available on the Sanrio? However, this past time while my kids were playing with it, the pet definitely married a pet that is NOT on that list, I can tell by the baby's shape and ears. Is there a way to attract other pets that aren't on that list? Or do they just show up sometimes to marry your current pet? Also, I've been wishing lately that the MyMeets app had the ability to make a pet to marry with. Anyone else lol??
  7. So today I went to go look at the room makeovers in the TamaDepa today, and when I looked at one of the rooms there was a little heart in the corner! It wasn't there for any of the other rooms. Does that mean my tama likes this room the best or something? I had the room made over into that room, but it didn't seem any happier than normal. Does that have any benefit at all do you think on raising happiness?? Also, does anyone have any idea about the impact on accessories on the tama? I know each tama has its own favorite(s). If they're wearing a favorite accessory, does that raise their happiness more when doing other things? Or do they just get a happiness boost when they first put it on? I'd love to know if anyone has figured it out!!
  8. I haven't had my meets for a long time yet, and I was so surprised to see him celebrating Setsubun today!! What other holidays will show up? Have you seen any others?
  9. That's really interesting, I didn't know that! I'm actually using rechargeables now (maybe I'd better switch back lol), but I wasn't when all those irregularities appeared, I was using regular batteries then.
  10. So I've encountered a few oddities on my (secondhand) Sanrio Meets in the few weeks that I've had it. Anyone else experience any of these?? Or have you experienced any other glitch that's not the reset/peter pan ones? 1. So the first one I noticed is that sometimes the items in the toy section of the treasure box disappear. And I have definitely not deleted them. Like one time I had a pair of binoculars disappear after my tama took them to the tama hotel (where he played with them with Kuromametchi). Another time a box of sky crayons were just gone one day. Meanwhile all the other toys are sticking around just fine?? 2. The second one is that there is a mysterious, nameless ditto item in the accessories section of the treasure box. It's always the last item in the list and its picture is always the same as the second to last item in the list, but it has a blank where the name of the item should be. I'm afraid to interact with it or try to delete it?? 3. When I first started up the tamagotchi, I put my name as 悁恄 (mei). I definitely typed it correctly, and viewed it several times over the course of a week. But one day it changed and now shows that my name is 悁恏 (meku). I'm so confused as to how and why this happened??
  11. I don't know, I don't have a p's. However, I did see this site where you can download the pierces' content! http://mrblinky.net/tama/vdp/index.html#vdp-plus
  12. So I recently got a Tamagotchi Meets (secondhand). When it asked for my name, I put in 悁恄 (mei). A few days later, I saw that my name was now appearing as 悁恏 (meku). Any idea why it changed?? Am I able to change it back somehow??
  13. So I figured out what's up with the tamper data method... (if anyone cares LOL) All you have to do is buy ONE thing that you can send to your tamagotchi v6, then use the tamper data... If you change the g field to 0, you get an instrument. Change the i field from 0 to 20 to get ALL the different instruments. If you change the g field to 1, you get a toy. Change the i field from 0 to 23 to get ALL the toys. If you change the g field to 2, you get an item. Change the i field to get multi-use and single-use items. I don't know what all the numbers will get you, but I know that 42 is the boy's destiny star and 43 is the girl's destiny star. If you change the g field to 3, you get a food item. Change the i field to get different food. I don't know what all the numbers will get you.