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  1. Heyy v4.5: My tamagotchi went ! this morning i did the baby faze and names him carl << Lol he turned into a kuchitaamatchi !! V3: Nothing has happened to him but this might be because i had him on pause while i was doing baby stages V2: Daisy turned into a tarakotchi altho i dont know why because i gave her good care :S Luke left his baby and i names him deck he turned into a kuribotchi Thanks for reading
  2. Heyy : V4.5: At the moment nothing has happened but if something does then i will update you on it later. i think that she will leave her baby tonight ! V3: He turned into an Obotchi ! ( ive never had this character before ) V2: Nothing has happened with Luke today. he should leave his baby tonight ! If anything else happens ill update tonight because im writing this early
  3. News ! : V4.5: Had a baby with luke instead ! seeing as they where both adults i thought it would make sense !! i wonder what will happen as it was a v4.5 connected with a v2 V3: Thats Right... I Started up my v3 so i now have 4 tamas running HAHA. he turned into a kutchitamatchi his name is Alan << Cool Huh ? Lol V2: Nothing Happened with daisy today Luke Got A Baby !! I connected him so much with my V4.5 they had a baby today they had 2 boys.. Awwww
  4. Heyy V4.5: She got a job !! I Think she works at a bank... she has too collect the points and not the poos ? V2: Luke turned into an adult and became a debatchi and is soo cute, i love him ! The new tamagotchi i downloaded from the previous owner and its called daisy. they didnt take good care of her because shes a teen with only 2 training bars. i usualy have mine completed by then. anyway she is a nikatchi !! i want too connect the debatchi and whatever daisy turns into as an adult !! Hope that was interesting lol
  5. News xD V4.5: She changed into a tsukkomitchi ( sorry if thats bad spelling lol ) She is quite pretty tbh im pausing her so my other tam can catch up so they can both use the love potion V2: Nothing new has happened I Got Another V2 so i will now be naming them : V2- (Name Of Tama ) Thankss !!
  6. Heyy: V4.5: Nothing has happened with her i still have more gorgeous points so thats good V2: He changed into a hinatchi !!! im pleased because since starting up my v2 i haven't had the same characters
  7. Heyy: So yesterday i had my tamagotchis on pause as i had a really relaxing day, today i unpaused them and : V4.5: Changed Into an Ura YoungMarotchi ! She has more gorgeous points so she should come out with something new if i keep up with the points !! V2: He is still a kuribotchi... i connected him to My Ura YoungMarotchi because they are girl and boy and hopefully i wanna get a baby like that instead of the matchmaker ! Thats Itt
  8. Heyy A little bit too tell you today : Today i went too clacton and thought that it would be a better idea to keep them at home seeing as one is a child and one would be a baby V4.5: Nothing Happened as i paused it so the other tamagothci catches up so they can mate V2: I Did the baby faze when i got in so that i can catch up with the other tamagotchi. i called it luke !! I Completely forgot about him because i was playing the sims 2 and he went all hungry He evolved into a toddler and is a kuribotchi Thats It For Now
  9. Hey !! Loads of news this morning: V4.5: Bobby left the baby tama last night when i woke up i named her minx !! she was ok during her baby stage not too complicated, she grew into a hitodetchi ! Awww im pleased V2: Patch had a baby !! its a boy yay.. so hopefully i can connect them both !! i dont know about names yet so pm me if you have any boy name suggestions Thankss !!
  10. News: V4.5: Bobby had a baby !! its a girl i cant think of names so pm me if u have any good names V2: He is now 5 years old Yayyy !! he still looks so cute and i cant wait till he evolves into an adult and gets a baby im proud of myself for looking after my v2 now because i had tried before but got bored also i am on study leave for my exams and have exams going on. i had 2 today ! im just mentioning this because i might find it hard to log altho ill try my best ! Also, pm me if you like the way i do my logs with the V4.5 : news and V2: news as apposed too where i used to just write it in a paragraph ... is it easier in the new format ? thanks !
  11. News : V4.5 : Bobby got a job ! i think he works in a hair salon ! awww bless him still, at least he likes his pay ! V2: He is now 3 years old and i just fed him he evolved into a pyonchitchi so cute !! thats about it for now If anything else happens i will update !
  12. Omg News !! v4.5: Omg he Turned Into a Yasaguretchi :) I muse say.. looks a little different but still i love him hehe he looks a little like a gangster haha so soon he will be getting a job V2: Nothing has happened yet, he is a 1 yr old i forgot too mention when i downloaded after the new battery he is a ringotchi Thanks... if anything else happens i will update
  13. Okay so not alot happened too bobby today he was reasonably good i finally went out and got a battery for one of my version 2's instead of resetting just so that i didnt need too look after it while it was a baby so taking it on from the other person, its name is patch so now i will be logging my v4.5 tamagotchi and my v2 tamagotchi. i will usually use the names of the tamagotchi or i will just say on my v2 or something like that. im also expecting a dark pink v2 too be posted too me soon so i might start that one up as well
  14. Heres The Pic Of Her Leaving http://i642.photobucket.com/albums/uu143/w...babe009/tam.jpg
  15. Ohh right i never knew that about my v3 :S Thanks for helping