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  1. I'm jealous of your Tama Colors and that Pikachu pet I'll post a picture of my small collection sometime!
  2. I've been playing piano for 4 years I think and percussion for 2. And guitar for 3.
  3. I havent listened to them in a looong time, I used to know a couple of their songs. I saw them in concert with MCR in like 07 it was awesome.
  4. Yep! HYE played an instrument?
  5. Eh I used to listen to some of their songs, now I totally forgot about them and I'm not really a fan
  6. That actually seems like a good idea I like it!
  7. Now that i've seen that video of it...I think it seems cooler than I thought it was I MIGHT get it. I wanna see it in action with other users though
  8. Yeah mine used to be pretty long then I cut it to my shoulders-ish. Now its a little past my shoulders. My hair is straight/wavy most the time
  9. I tried doing it today with my 6 year old tama and it didnt work
  10. Yeah I mean I would be pretty patient with this stuff. I don't even have any money yet XD
  11. Hmm :| I checked the tbay thing and I posted on one topic. I found a couple sites with google selling old ones but I cant find them anymore
  12. I havent been paying attention to what they've been doing so I havent really been waiting for the new album. Three Cheers is probably the best I agree with black Parade being 2nd
  13. So whenever I look for older Tamas (V2 and previous) I sometimes find toy sites that sell them for a decent price. My mom doesnt like using eBay so I don't know where I could find an Angelgotchi or a P1 I got my P2 from some random website I found, along with my V3. Any sites you guys know of? Currently I want to buy this V2 I found for about 17 bucks, hopefully I can manage up the money Any tips/sites? :|
  14. Can't you set a time for the matchmaker to come for your tama? Its some certain time..I don't remember. I do remember reading about it. is this true?