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  1. Thanks you guys! I've managed to get a red/white Music Star (Kuromametchi clip, 3 figures, movie pack) and now I have a Kuromametchi(Gen.2) named Ekii! (called Ekii-kun). ~~
  2. Okay then, thanks dude. I've just been wondering. ;3 ~~
  3. http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=168353&hl= My topic. Waitin for a reply. Hence the CTRL+V.
  4. Edward Elric- Fullmetal Alchemist KuroMametchi-The Tamagotchi Movie (XDD) Silver- Pokemon (game/anime) Ichigo- Bleach (Ichiruki forev!) Uryu- Bleach Jayfeather- Warrior Cats Lionblaze- Warrior Cats Ujurak- Seekers (Bears) I think that covers it... Ekii: Uh, Swift-kun......you need to get out more. Me:I hear that like every day from you, right? Ekii: *beeps* ~~
  5. Hey everyone, Mimitchi-kun again. I just got a Tamagotchi Music Star, and have a Gen. 2 KuroMametchi named Ekii. (I call him Ekii-kun. ^w^) And I'm just wondering, what versions have the 'heartbeat' thing like mentioned in previous topics? Sorry if this's been answered already. ~ and Ekii-kun~
  6. Heh, in my opinion of this topic.....BEST TOPIC EVAH!>w< Other than that, I usually wear this cool sweater with loose pockets every day to school. Bsically, ever since I bought my Music Star I've snuck it into class easy. Since I'm in Care(and the most well-behaved student) I can take care of it EVERY DAY. I usually egg-sit/Tama-sit my sister's Music Star too, and have'nt been caught yet! ~~
  7. HEy everybuddeh on Tamatalk! You guys helped me a ton when I needed elp with my Compu-kitty Gigapet. If anyone remembers, I said my dad would buy me a Tama if I could take care of my Compu-kitty for the week. And guess what? Bakii is still alive and I may be buying one this very weekend! I have come here to ask for some advice and ask: 1.What tips do you have fer this newbie? 2.Where's a place where I can get a Tama? and 3.On an unrelated note, what was you first Tamagotchi? Thanks a bunch, ~~
  8. Actually, I have like 143 cuz my mom collected 'em before she died. *gasps* Oh man.....NOT THE SYMPATHY AGAIN! People always say sorry when I tell em my mom died, I got over it a while ago guys. Any-whoooo.....I think I got The forg one, 2 salems,a dino, a 101 dalmations dalmation, a compu-kitty, and a few others, but I'd hafta convince my dad to get em out. ~~
  9. Thanks a ton you guys! Hopefully I can keep Bakii alive for at least a week. My dad says if I can keep Bakii alive for 1 week+, I can get a Tamagotchi. Wish us luck! Bakii: *mews* ~~
  10. My little Compu-KittehNeeds some health points, the game just makes him happy and using the trick/reward system just makes it worse! How can I get more health points? Also, the food just doesn't help... Bakii:*beeps rapidly and loudly* MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW- Me: SHUSHIES! ~~
  11. Yeah, I haven't seen any commercials, but I can't wait! I'll totally get one if it comes to USA soon! ~~
  12. Yeah, definately. I usually sing a mix of songs from the animes I watch on Saturday.o3o Anyways....I usually start with the original version of Again (fullmetal alchemist) and follow it up by the (I guess) remixed version of Again (still fullmetal alchemist), sing Rolling Star (Bleach) and blend it with Ride On Shooting Star (FLCL) and end it all with Bones Shatter or The Hell Song if I feel especially rebbeliant(lol) but usually sing Caramelldansen and Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Lucky Star). Like I said, it usually depends on my mood. The lst song I sang was.....I think it was On The Wing by Owl City. ~~