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  1. Where is my apology?

  2. no, not sarcasm. im surprised you don't remember it, but maybe that's for the best then ! :)

  3. I'm Kuri (kuribotchi) if u remember me and I wanna say sorry for past awfulness as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      I don't think I remember that much...  Is this sarcasm?

  4. like and subsrcibe

    1. tamagotchi :D

      tamagotchi :D

      that's weird that you're on when i'm on

      stop it

  5. amat says hi as well uwu;; if you wanna kit my sc is heyden01 ig hey.den discord hayden #4594

    1. tamagotchi :D

      tamagotchi :D

      ill follow u on IG lolz

    2. tamagotchi :D

      tamagotchi :D

      my bio has the creepy sun emoji in it

    3. Awkwardo


      have any of you guys seen r. recently?

  6. Everybody at my school had the V3 when i was 6! I always wanted one. I don't like tamagotchis anymore but i will always remember the blood pumping ferocious jealousy i felt as a 6 year old
  7. if anyone ever wants to contact me u should PM Tamagotchi :D cuz i dont have access to this one!!!!!!!!!! lololol

  8. I have three shelfs worth, 10 piles of 20 books, and over 1000 books in my families book room.
  9. Case Closed/Detective Conan Volume 7 and Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.
  10. I love them! I've only read the first two books though. But I'm reading the third soon.