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  1. What are all the Tamas you have?

  2. I just found out today that my beloved Tamagotchi Ocean's A B and C buttons are barely, or COMPLETELY Non-Responsive. How do I fix this, if it's at all possible? this is the first Tamagotchi I have EVER owned that has gone wrong on me, and I really don't want this to be my first permanently DEAD Tamagotchi... I also found out, that my Japanese Tamagotchi Angel (Angelgotch) has stripped screws. I recieved it three weeks ago, WITH batteries already in it. I played with it for about a week and a half, and I decided to take the batteries out for storage. I can't get the screws off. one is SEVERELY stripped, and the other one is well on it's way. Is there ANYTHING I can do? Or is my brand new Angel doomed? PLEASE HELP ME!
  3. My American Ocean's buttons don't respond anymore, and the Japanese Angel that I JUST got, has stripped screws, and I can't get the batteries out... I'm too depressed for words right now...

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    2. *Hayden*


      I'd be screaming! Like when my brother lost my v5. Yup, I'm fond of my tamas

    3. Ruukasuchi


      yeah.. idk how to fix my ocean, and i have NO idea how to get the batteries out of my angel...

    4. TotallyTamagotchi


      I feel so bad for you! <:(

  4. omg.. i want another ocean... REALLY BADLY...

    1. SailorRosette


      Only ones I have seen are way overpriced... I can understand rarity, but they are asking way too much... That is like a house payment!

  5. my tama turned into a sutebotchi and i have to say, its REALLY creepy...

  6. i would take pictures of my Osu, but it still has test batteries in it... so the image is crud...
  7. Age: 18 Country: USA Comment: I've grown up with Tamagotchi's, ever since they came out in 1996-1997. i still collect them, and i DO NOT want to see Bandai discontinue their tama line in the U.S. it just wouldnt be fair.
  8. well if that isn't a pleasant surprise! one of my V1 connections had a fresh battery in it!

  9. Got my new (opened) Osu. making a total of one unopened osu, one unopened mesu, and another open osu! GOD i cant wait to hatch it!

  10. I'm gonna join with my new Osutchi <3
  11. got cool tama stuff or a custom tamagotchi you wanna show off to everybody? post it here!
  12. My 1st tama was the 1997 yellow and blue V2 with tamagotchi written on the side and 2 characters on top and left side.