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  1. Can't join chat says I was kicked, how do I fix this???? >:o

    1. TicTax


      probaly your wifi


      Try clicking the icon next to the bell.

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      Refresh until it works.

  2. * removed - site rules *p My Airsoft team need Subscribers. *TM Edit: Please respect our site rules - if you want to promote a personal link or web site use your signature message only? Thanks.*
  3. As a week went by the voice in my head got more, and more commanding. I started to wonder if I was possessed by a demon. One night I woke up at 3:00 AM sharp and the voice told me to go outside. The voice wasn’t suggesting things to me any more it was ordering me to do things. As I put on my shoes I rushed out the door to hear a voice that didn’t sound like it was in my head. “Helllllooooo.” the voice said. Whatever just said it was right behind me because I could feel its breath on my neck. I turned around to see a boy the same age as me. As I looked at him I gave him a jerky, “Hell-ll-l-o to you too.” Trying to be nice. He told me, “ I know we will be friends, I can tell by just looking at you.” A chill went down my spine as he said that. But I always wanted a friend. I looked him in the face and said, “Ok...Friend.” He laughed and told me to meet him at the edge of the woods tomorrow. I agreed and walked back inside. Even after meeting some strange kid I was still tired. Before I tramped back to my room I took a look at the clock and noticed it was 8:00 in the morning. I laughed knowing this had to be wrong. To prove this to myself I opened the door expecting to see the cool night sky, I saw a vibrant summer sunrise. Then the voice in my head said one word, “Death.” As I trekked to the woods I met the boy. He was leaning on a huge oak tree looking at a small spider. Once he noticed me he looked up and then back to the small arachnid, and with a quick jerk he smashes the little spider. The boy started to laugh like it was fun. I was appalled but I ignored it. As I said hello, he looked back at me with the most devilish smile I’d seen in years. He walked over to me and handed me a small pebble. He told me,”It’s for another time, and keep it on you for now.” I agreed to keeping the small stone thinking it would be mean to not. As we talked he walked over to the other side of the oak tree and showed me a small hole at the bottom and pulled out a backpack. He started walking down to the creek. To scared to ask, I followed him. As we got down on the bank of the creek, he looked at me and said, “This is one of my favorite places. It’s going to be a shame to dirty it with my dead body one day.” I shuddered as he said this. He looked at me and grinned. I tried to change the subject and asked him what he wanted to do. He told me he wanted to see my house. As we walked closer to my house I could see my mom pull in. The boy obviously saw it to “Well I have to leave we’ll meet tomorrow.” Then he started running back to the woods. “WAIT!” I called out. “I DON”T EVEN KNOW YOUR NAME YET!” He stopped and turned around and yelled back, “ Its Aaron.” I nodded and yelled, “OK!” and then he was gone. As I turned around my mom was standing behind me. “Who were you talking to?” she asked. “Oh just some boy I met he just left.” “Trevor there was no boy there.” she said. “Oh you probably just didn’t see him. “Ok...” My mom replied. I walked back into the house to find a letter I opened it up to find a strange symbol. I pocket the piece of paper and went inside. It had been two months, I’d became close friends with Aaron, even though he hadn’t even met my mom. One weekend I walked near the woods to hear the snap of bones. As I walked over there was a dead squirrel laying on the ground with its neck snapped. “Ohhh my god!” I screamed. And suddenly behind me Aarons voice said, “Don’t say the lords name in vain.” “Oh well Im sorry I didn’t mean.” and before I finished my sentence Aaron said, “I’m kidding my dad never really liked that guy anyways.” With a sound of humor in his voice. “Oh, wait you never told me about your parents Aaron what’s your dads name?” “His name well, that’s for later.” He said picking up the dead squirrel and snapping it in half. I turned around and vomited. I was about to scream for help when Aaron said, “I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” I looked at him with a frightened look. I didn’t say anything. Aaron went to the creek and washed the fresh animal blood off his hands. He told me to look in my back pocket. I reached my hands into it to find two tickets to the County fair. As I showed them to him with a look of awe in my face, he smiled. Once we walked in the fair the first thing Aaron wanted to do was go on the Ferris wheel. A little hesitant because of my fear of heights I went anyways. As we climbed into the seats and were lifted to the top he looked at me and said, “ Do you really want to know my dad’s name.” I replied, “Yeah I do!” “Well take that little rock I gave you and throw it at that lady. “No that could hurt her, what’s wrong with you?!” “OK I’ll do it.” As he said this I smirked and said, “ You don’t have the stone.” He looked at me with that evil grin and brought the stone out of his pocket, “Yes I do.” After he said this he looked over and through the stone straight at some beautiful looking woman. As we were brought down I didn’t say anything to Aaron. I ran over to see that the women was on the ground not moving. A man ran over to her and checked her pulse, “She’s dead.” I whipped around to see Aaron laughing. “WHAT’S SO FUNNY SHE’S DEAD AARON! WAS IT WORTH IT?” he looked at me with burning red eyes and said, “Yea that’s why I threw it.” I looked at him with horror. “YOUR HORRIBLE IM LEAVING!” As I ran he just stood there. Once I got to my porch the letter I had opened months ago was sitting on the table. I looked at the symbol again, then it hit me it was a Pentagram. I was terrified, and the voice in my head told me it wasn’t safe here I had to get to the creek. I hated doing it but I did what it told me. As I got to the end of the Forest I saw Aaron. He looked at me and his eyes were gone just deep black sockets now. He climbed to the top of a tree. In a evil tone he said. “Travis god himself must be protecting you, because I can’t corrupt you. And by the way my fathers name is... Lucifer.” And with that he fell off the tree into the creaked and killed himself. The sound of his body hit the ground was loud, and disturbing. As I went and started to write in my log. There was a collection of people waiting for me. They told me they read my journal. I have been seeing all of this in my head, and the voice is a severe case of schizophrenia. And that’s the story of how I ended up here in cell 465 of Birch wood Asylum.
  4. Someone should make a program to log your tamas. With each character in sprite form in a tool bar so you can drag it to what it evolved to, and write things under it.
  5. Hello, my name is Travis. I’ve been charged with Insanity and put into an asylum. This all started when I met my old friend Aaron. But Aaron is dead now, which is at least what I believe. I will tell you what got me here in this asylum. It was a warm Summer day. The colorful flowers majestically danced in the wind. I felt the cool Summer breeze on my face. It was a happy day, but the only thing missing was... people. I was never really a popular kid, well I wasn’t even average. I was an outcast which had no friends. I had learned to deal with it, which is what my dad taught me to do, well before his death. My mom is never home because she is always out looking for a job. I stepped off the porch and started to roam through the prairie in our backyard. As I was walking through the tall grass, I heard a yell from the woods. I thought to just ignore it, but a voice in my head tell me to go see what it was. I immediately ran to the entrance of the woods. I looked in the brush but saw nothing. So with my adventurous attitude I walked into the lush forest. As I looked around to see who yelled out, I heard the yell again. The sound came from the other side of the woods, so I ran over to it. I might’ve not been popular, but I was a very good athlete. I was a star on our Track team but people ignored me because I wasn't popular. As I got to the other end of the forest I saw a boy laying on the ground, but when I got to him, he... disappeared. I looked all around to see where he’d gone. I thought this had to be a trick, but a voice in my head told assured me it wasn't. I looked up at the summer sky to notice it was becoming night, but how was that possible? I had left at 3:00. I had no clue how it was already this late but I turned around and ran home. I sprinted through the Prairie to get to my porch. As I walked into my house, I looked at the old cookie clock hanging in the kitchen, it read 7:00. That couldn’t be right I was only gone for what felt like 45 minutes... But once again a voice in the my head told me I was wrong. I started to wonder if the voice was actually my conciseness or something else. But it was very aggressive with its answers, which persuaded me to believe it. More to come just to get a taste of what I write.
  6. Hmmm for some reason I cant get back into chat.

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      Yeah I saw you left! I just left cause chat was dead but I havent tried to get back in

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  7. Hello. I'm restarting my favorite tama, which is my silver v3. which is just enough simple for me. So today i'll start to hatch it. Ok inputting data. Ok user name is IANGH which stands for Ianghost. So now I wait... Its a boy! His name will be MAUS like Deadmau5. Played catch the note with him and got perfect. I talk to him for fun, but for a second I thought he talked. I must be going insane xD Im only feeding him scones, bread, and tarts. Well thats it for know. My next log will be tommorow. Stay tuned, something exciting is bound to happen.
  8. Hello my name is Ian, but that doesn't really matter right now. What I'm hear to talk about is, "what happened to tamas?" I first got into tamagotchis in elementary with a V4 my best friend gave me. My love grew form there. But as a boy and seeing how much of a turn tamagotchis were taking. What Bandai doesn't understand is we don't want some overhauled, overcomplicated piece of junk that we need to buy more pieces to it. Sure some people think the Japanese colors are so cool, but trying to replicate them hear doesn't work. I'm sure most of the people on this forum would buy a reboot of an old Tama, or maybe an anniversary p1, or something like the v6 which was staying simple. I don't think I stand alone here, but I'm pretty sure everyone would love to purchase a reboot, or new connection, am I right? And the other thing is they need to stop thinking business, and start thinking about their customers, as in no more expansion crap .As a Boy speaking the designs have gotten overly girly after V4.5 so I would love if they would have half of the series being girly shells, and the other half being more masculine like silver, black, fire, etc... I hope someone gets my point and maybe, just maybe Bandai can see this. Thanks for reading, Ian Norris
  9. I love Battlefield three. I play on Xbox 360. My Gamertag is Ianghost09, imma gonna start a clan if you play, send me a freind request and that you're from tamatalk.
  10. My fig is working now LOLZ

  11. Got 5 tamago figs for 3.50 a piece.

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      Are you still selling those figures?

  12. Yes the alert 'button' is just there to alert you, it's on all the tamas and it's always been the same.