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  1. Just smashed my knee into the door...OUCH!

    1. ayan300


      Ow! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. UGH!!! I still have that Lavulitchi that I told you guys about and right now it is 11 years old and it's still not an old person and I want an old person! Could someone please PM me on why it hasn't changed yet? That would be really aprreciated thanks guys.
  3. Hello everybody! Right now I currently have a lavulitchi that I am trying to work on getting the happy symbols for her so that I will have the four happy adults to get the place where I can transform,for example,mametchi into king mametchi.So that is what I am doing right now.
  4. Okay so my ID L is a Lavulitchi right now but i am going to marry her here are my options...Gozarutchi,hero person,and egg person no thank you to any of those. Ok lets try again this time they are king person with mole,acorn person,and paint person NOPE. Okay third time the charm i hope this time it is acorn person again,yellow and blue striped dude,and penguin or something, NO to all of those. Ok...maybe fourth times the charm mametchi,gozarutchi,and kuromametchi! YES KUROMAMETCHI! yay we are getting married right now! and the best part is is that i had all my happy symbols so we went on a honey moon! AND IT"S A BOUNCING BABY BOY! lol well alright bye guys
  5. Hey everybody. SO heres stuff that went on during stuff lol.Oh by the by my ID L's name is elaine. Me-Elaine time to get up we have to go visit the Vietnam memorial. Elaine-Oh...I don't wanna I am to tired... Me-C'mon it's for my G-ma. Elaine-Fine then after that where are we going? Me-Old Sacramento. Elaine-Oh cool! -goes to the memorial- Me-WOW this is such a big many names... Elaine-I know it's so sad how many people died in that war... Me-Yup... -goes to old sacramento- Elaine-OMG IT"S SO OLD HERE!!! Me-Well yeah hence the name OLD Sacramento. Elaine-Oh yeah that would make sense wouldn't it? Me-Yes yes it would. Elaine-Let's go shop! Me-Okay! -goes shopping then goes home- Me-WOW that was a super long day. Elaine-I know right... Me-Well guys i am going to go for now i am SUPER buh-bye for now. Elaine-Tah Tah!
  6. Hey everybody right now i currently have a Lavulitchi on my id l and i am working on getting all her happy symbols!!! I'm so excited!! I am going to try and get her to become a princess Lavuli but i dont know how to... could one of you guys PM m,e and tell me how to get her to transform? If you could that would be great!
  7. Hey everybody well i don't know about you but i am entering in the cutest video contest!!! my video is nom nom nom its very cute in my opinion! well anyway i just got 3 of 4 of kuchipatchis happy symbols...i wonder what happens when i get all 4? hey could you guys PM me and tell me what happens when you get all the happy symbols for you tama in the tamagothci id l
  8. YAY!!! I just got my tamagotchi id l married to a MELODITCHI! I saw her and i was just like halelujah! and so i chose her got married and had a baby boy! so yeah thats kinda all thats happened so far so when he-OMG HE JUST EVOLVED!! he is the little cowboy with the hat! he is so super cute! well any way bye!
  9. Hey everybody today i put batteries back in my tama-go and my music star so thats what i am going to post about. Ace is the musicstar, Sally is the tama-go and zack is the IdL ( again however you put that). Zack-Hey everyone it's me Zack! Sally-And me Sally! Ace-And me Ace All together-And we are musicstar99's tamagotchis!! Me-*walks in the room* Hey what are you guys yelling about? Sally-Oh we were just telling everybody that we belong to you...i guess. Me-Ummm they all know that you guys belong to me you goof balls! Sally-Oh...LOL! Me-So what are you guys doing on my log anyway???? All together-Oh nothing! Me-Uh-huh sure... All-*gulp* Me-Lol I am just playing around with you guys! Sheesh you guys need to learn to take a joke! All-Oh okay!Lol! Me- Well readers if there is anything that you want me to post about or something I should post about send me a PM and I'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible and maybe try your idea out but until then BYE! Everybody-BYE!!!!!!!
  10. HEY EVERYBODY I AM BACK!!!! sorry i know it has been awhile since i have posted last... but hey on the bright side i found my tamagothcis! well i am going to tell you about my started one. i am using a tamagotchi Idl (or however you put that lol) and it turned out to be a boy with a little pj hat on and then an hour later it turned into this pinapple fruit salad thing. lol so yeah well i will try and post tomorrow but i have school so yeah... anyway bye for now!
  11. Hey everyone I'm still trying to find my tamagotchis so I still won't be posting so bye...
  12. Hey everybody me and all my tamagotchis are on vacation! We are currently skiing down Mt. Everest! So I don't know why I'm yelling! I should probably stop before I cause an a- *an avalanche occurs and I'm the only one to escape.* Oh I have to go find all of them...well i guess I'll post when I finally find them all so ya... Sorry guys that was me being weird but seriously I have to find all my tamas so I have nothing to post so ya....BYE!!!
  13. Hello everybody it's me again musicstar99!!!!!!!!! So today my bff Dangoobotchi-lover~ is hanging out with me!!!!!(his real name shall not be revealed for privacy purposes!) Since he is over we both decided to restart our tamagotchi ID-L,or however you want to put it,and he got a yurapatchi and i got a choribotchi and then they evolved and he got a nannokitchi and i got a paletchi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are both so cute!!!! Anyway I'm going to go now i just thought id let u guys know what was going on so buh-bye now! Listen to this awesome song!!!!!
  14. Hey everyone I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry that I haven't been posting lately I've been in Utah visiting my Dad for most of the summer! I just got back on Saturday August 6th so I've only been back for about two days or so. Anyway just yesterday I got a Tamagotchi IDL from my bestest friend ever Dangoobotchi-lover~ as a gift!!!!!!!!!! I started it up and it was a Momoirotchi as a baby then it changed an hour later and became a Rolutchi!! I'm still waiting on it to change into a teen so when it does I'll be back on here posting what it turned into! So until then my fellow tamatalkers, farewell!!! Here Are Her Stats- Full Comepletly Happy 990 money 1 year old Female 8 grams/pounds 1st Generation