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  1. By Minami? タコ (I was on this account, decided to post with this one)

  3. It's real. They released some new colors recently.
  4. THEY ARE DRIVING ME MAD >.< So far, (there may be others) I have only found ONE good (fanart?) of Vegeta THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE MUCH SENSE (But well done!) This: Really, VERY hard to find
  5. Hello!! I've been meaning to do this for quite some time... what better time than the 4th of July weekend? (Also the weekend that BK sells their original chicken sandwich for $1.04!!! X3) Hatch your Tama anytime from now until the end of the fifth! Any version can join. Post pictures if possible please! Have fun!!!
  6. How big is it? How thick is it?? Is it really that small? I CAN HAS MEASUREMENTS??? ...Also, what does the C button do? I have heard several different things about that...
  8. No, I mean the battery cannot hold a charge AT ALL. I have to keep it plugged in to work. Every once in a while, it worked, but not anymore. I got it from a friend.
  9. Anybody have any tips on an iPod not holding a charge OTHER than getting a new battery?
  10. This has happened a few times in the series. As far as I know, these are the times: 1) In the Saiyan saga, after they cut off Gohan's tail, Vegeta had no energy left to dodge and great ape Gohan landed on Vegeta. 2) In the Namek saga, Gohan pulls Vegeta away from Recoome's eraser gun, ending up with Gohan on top of Vegeta. 3) Cell games saga, Cell is going to kill Vegeta, Gohan deflects, sustains serious damage to arm (LOL that's the second time that happens too, except it didn't get blown off like Future Gohan) If I am forgetting anything, please tell me! Weird post, I know... this topic is meant to be NO HOMO!!! I just thought that this is one of those things that happens several times throughout the series... like the eating gag. Pictures:
  11. Once, my friend saw my Tama, knew it was a game, and took it. Three things I was EXTREMELY worried about: 1) Scratching (ALWAYS happened when others handled it) 2) Feeding (I wouldn't be able to lose weight by playing a game because I had to keep points even, with a Makiko because I just had to have 350 50 50) 3) PLAYING GAMES. Playing games = failure = uneven GP AND UNEVEN SKILL POINTS. <.< I had a Tensaitchi at that time. Also, one thing that made me REALLY mad was once I brought a V4 to class, mint condition, in a bag. There I was, minding my own business, NOT EVEN PLAYING WITH IT (stuck in binder w/ plastic bag) when all of a sudden that-kid-who-tells-on-everyone snatches my Tama. HE WAS WEARING SHARP RINGS!!!!! He started flailing it around screaming "MR. *name*!! (repeats) SHE HAS A TOY!!!!". And when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the teacher put it in his front pocket with 2 pens and a VIBRATING PHONE. IT WAS NOT ON PAUSE. I just got it off ebay too! Some people who are reading this might say "Ohh, maybe you shouldn't have brought it to schooooool" Well, if any of my family found it and moved it, they would (for example, if they wanted to move it to a table,) slam it on that table. And my younger siblings would press it. I couldn't put it in my rusty locker/ hole filled backpack. AND IT WAS ON PAUSE. He unpaused it. AYEEEES THIS POST WAS SO LOONG!