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    Things I love: Horses, horses and more horses,animals, Frogs,cats,Justin Beiber, Reading, Singing,
    Horseback riding, Shopping for clothes,Tamagotchis,the color pink,and hanging out with friends

    Some of my dislikes are... Popular, stuck-up, mean girls at school, The color black, Cold rainy days,annoying people, Tacos and other spicy foods, Hornets And thats about it. :)

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    Version 4.5
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    Version 4.5, Version 5, Version 6, and version 7 (tama-go)

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  1. Thats sooo cool. I love horses more than ANYTHING! All my life i've wanted one. You should visit the website www.horseland.com It's soo cool you can raise your own horse, breed and ride them and chat too.
  2. Hey everyone. I'm gonna be on tamatalk more often now but I will still actively be on Horseland.com so u can reach me there as well.

  3. My favorite horse breeds are Arabians and Friesians. They are so beautiful!
  4. Whats's your favorite breed of horse?
  5. Look up Horseland.com on Google and sign up! It's an awesome game! U can chat too. My username is The Black Stallion Girl.

  6. I Love horses!!!! Do u have one?

  7. Hey everyone, sorry that I am rarely on tamatalk anymore I now go on this site called Horseland. I know it sounds cheesy but it's really cool and u can chat there. My user name is The Black Stallion Girl. You can sign up if u want. Well ttyl to ya all soon.

  8. Heeey. I see that under your interests colum that it says this is your LAST account. Well lets see how long that holds true. :D

  9. Come on after school more regularly.

  10. I haven't heard from u lately.

  11. Hey Chris, long time no talk. :)

  12. No offence but I don't like this knew updated chat and tamatalk site at all. It's way too confusing and chat is weird. I hope chat will go back to the same before!
  13. I kinda like how it is now but a change would be nice...