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  1. i drew a new icon to celebrate pizzarinatchi's existence

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    2. zacksims123
    3. Tamacass


      aaaaay looks cool! i got used to ur current icon but this looks pretty cute :3

    4. ~SkrillexGotchi~
  2. "Aw can't we all just get along, you two?" "I want to fight!" lolololol i love lilac's shift from peaceful to combative
  3. my m!x came in!

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    2. Tamacass


      Oh awesome! I have a pink Spacy!ver as well :D

    3. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      omg I have that same version! Hmmm, if I get batteries I might run it again.

    4. Verklighet


      I'm running my Spacy one rn.

  4. my log's gonna continue in some form or another as soon as the new tamas i ordered arrive

  5. my log's gonna continue in some form or another as soon as the new tamas i ordered arrive

  6. someone please stop me i ordered a morino, an osutchi and mesutchi, a m!x, and a meets

    1. Verklighet


      oh my goodness

    2. PurpleSpot


      I did that the other day as well! Bought 4 tamagotchis at once and now I'm questioning my sanity. I justified it with it being christmas time though, which helped my conscience slightly!

    3. zacksims123


      @PurpleSpot heyyy good point! that DOES make me feel better!

  7. ok so i'd like to continue my log, i think? but dear heavens drawing those little portraits took FOREVER. but i worry that if i don't draw them, no one would want to read my log, haha. what a dilemma!

  8. waiting for my m!x to arrive!!

  9. whenever i get off the site for a while i wonder why people still visit my profile haha

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    2. tamagotchirocks


      this made me want to visit your profile xD

    3. Hapihapitchi



    4. Hapihapitchi


      oh k just saw your profile haha so welcome back Ana! Can I still call you Salad? :,)

  10. Hello, hello. Mira evolved into Nokobotchi, and Roxanne evolved into Painaputchi. Tamagotchi P's Name: Mira Age: 1 Character: Nokobotchi Personality: Creative Puzzle Pieces: 0/4 Tamagotchi iD L Name: Roxanne Age: 1 Character: Painaputchi TamaTomo Stamps: 0/4 Tamagotchi Friends Name: May Age: 3 Character: Coffretchi BFF Point: Empty? I'll update soon~ -Salad <33
  11. oooooooooooooo tamagotchi good

  12. Hello, hello. Been a while, I know! Uhh... Yeah. Been a while. Tamagotchi P's Name: Mira Age: 0 Character: Terubotchi Personality: Fashionable Puzzle Pieces: 0/4 Tamagotchi iD L Name: Roxanne Age: 0 Character: Paletchi TamaTomo Stamps: 0/4 Tamagotchi Friends Name: May Age: 2 Character: Coffretchi BFF Point: (still don't know what this is. it's at 0.) Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuntil next time, reader! -Salad <33
  13. This isn't all that huge, but I couldn't find the answer myself earlier. Can you obtain the secret characters on the iD L by connecting to a P's? I tested it myself by connecting my iD L and P's 30 times. When it came time for the iD L teen to evolve, he evolved into Maisutatchi (obtained by connecting with the same other iD L 30 times). I know it seems obvious, but I didn't know, and googling the question didn't help me. So, there you have it.