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  1. I'm trying to get all the items you can get through the Tamagotchi Meets phone app, but you need to get 1000 points in the flower dropping game to get the final item. I was wondering, has anyone managed to do this? Any tips? What does the 1000 point item do? Thanks!
  2. I finished my "My Tamagotchi Friends" research, and I've posted an evolution chart here: If you're curious about details of how I found this out, see here: tl;dr - To get the secret character, place the Training Course, and feed your teen nothing but vegetables - There's a tiny easter egg you can see by clicking "My Tamagotchi Forever" in the credits Enjoy!
  3. So, I've been doing a bit of *research* on My Tamagotchi Forever, and I think I've figured out how to get the secret character. I think the training course needs to be placed. So I was hoping a few people could do a test the next time they raise a Tamagotchi. Starting when the Tamagotchi is a teen: 1) Place the training course in TamaTown (it actually only needs to be there while the Tama is being fed) 2) Feed the Tama nothing but seafood (let's say the square sushi with the fish on top) I'll be doing this too. Let me know what happens!
  4. I made a growth chart based on my code dump! Some notes: - I'm not exactly sure of everything that determines care, but feeding and playing with the Tamagotchi definitely do - A Tamagotchi becomes social if you send or receive at least 10 SMS messages while the Tamagotchi is a teen – A Tamagotchi becomes active if you play coin catch with it 10 times while it is a teenager (other games might also work) - A Tamagotchi becomes gourmet if you feed it at least 15 meals while it is a teenager (I feel like this should only apply to meals that are purchased versus the default bread, but I can’t find anywhere this happens, so I suspect it works with the bread too). - If you achieve more than one condition above, you get the personality for the first one you achieve. So once a personality is set, you can't change it. - By "random" in the table, I mean random within the row for the care level Full technical details are here: I'd appreciate if everyone can try this out, and see if it's consistent with how their Tamagotchi Friends behaves!
  5. I had hoped that this was possible, but unfortunately it's not. The Tamagotchi Friends uses a different NFC frequency than mobile devices, so they'll never be able to work together.
  6. Good news! I've managed to dump the code of the Tamagotchi Friends!!! My first priority will be to figure out how to get it into debug mode, then I will try to work out a definitive growth chart. After that, who know? ( suggestions welcome) In the meantime, here's some cute highlights of the dump!
  7. Sadly not. I was really hoping for smartphone compatibility, but the frequency is different than mobile NFC.
  8. So, I figured out how to simulate the Tamagotchi Friends NFC So far, I've just looked at the BFF bump, but more is coming!
  9. I did for the Tama-Go. But that"s a few months out at least.
  10. And dissected it! Results are as follows:
  11. I am trying to figure out the Makiko figure, and there's something about the "King's castle" trip I can't figure out. When I take the trip, I always see a table, then a piano, and then the King. But when I look at the figure images, there's also a routine where you see a group of tables and a picture of the King. I was wondering, has anyone ever taken the "King's castle" tour and had this? What did you do that caused it to happen?
  12. I would buy a few hundred wholesale Granted they're still hackable
  13. I've posted a few debug figures on ebay: but you really want to learn to hack them yourself!
  14. Found it, found it! Details are here: Video:
  15. An updated link is here: