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  1. great.just great.I can no more go to the majority of the forums now for family reasons.But i hope I post at least once a month! if I couldnt that would be BAD. :c

  2. It evolved into a toddler this midnight! I paused it yesterday for a moment, so yeah. :/
  3. I got the egg! I will update tomorrow, and good luck on your tamagotchis everyone!
  4. She attacked star from behind in a flash, and luna fainted.Gemma managed to stay clam, but in a flash, she was stabbed by the councelor. The councelor was filled with rage,as she ran to Ammie. The councelor now was covered in garbage, she had cuts all over her, and her eyes had bloodshot veins. As she jumped to kill Ammie, Joshua put himself in front of Ammie. Tĥe councelor took him in one shot.
  5. There isn't a presice time they come, you choose when you want to go to preschool or music school. You just go to the door icon and you click ''away''.
  6. Well, yes, the tmgo is maybe not what we expected from BANDAI, but I can put it in a new way. I remember hearing comments about the v1 that it had less originality,even that the designs were too simple. So eventually, BANDAI intergrated more features to the v2, since they wanted to make everyone happy. Over time, they intergrated more features,and then came the antenna.Some people liked it, some people didn't. at the end, the 'last' version didn,t have it, but the v6 was not the most appreciated tamagotchi.And also, IT is their first gray pixel tamagotchi, so maybe we should wait for a while, they will probably improve it, at the end.
  7. I am finally back, after being not able to access TT for a random reason.I will post topics and comments starting today!

    1. Tama_dude2010
    2. TamaPhantom


      Welcome back. ^.^

    3. +[ b r u t a l ]+

      +[ b r u t a l ]+

      Welcome back !


      Hope you're enjoying the upgrade. ^w^

  8. Oh and also, how much does it cost?Thank you!
  9. I am going to have my first webkinz soon, since I have 25$, and I want one. SO I have questions 1-Where do I find webkinz? (Gatineau and Ottawa.No USA, so no target.) 2-Which onewould you suggest:A dog, cat, horse etc...
  10. What?Could you explain a bit more?It's sounds a bit goofy. My worst gift would probably be... 1-a brown-green coloured underwear.I'm kind of embarassed to say that, but yeah.It wasn't a nice day for me at ALL. Eventually I decide to bring it in my bag, and then just throw it in whatever place it could hide and stay away from my parents.Oh, and it had a frog on it.Ick. -2-a book case to "fit inside your school bag and never lose your books!!".and again, it was brown.'sigh' --3--A book about insects when my brother got a wii game. ---4---My room.It had fairies,school and a winnie the pooh theme.OMG, it was ugly.When I moved,She just put what she though that I liked.Good thing that I persisted to change it and now it is much much better.I love it now.My parents prefered the other one, since the decorations and all my "before" room was cheap and lovely (for them.)Now it is much better.but they had to pay a little too much.oops. So, it's like out of topic, but I will now only post non-tamagotchi stuff.I will rarely post in the tamagotchi posts.
  11. I'm sad for all the people who had their accounts deleted.I hope no one is doing this to make fun of them.
  12. There is actually no best version of tamagotchi.Just choose whatever interestes you!
  13. She suddenly started to turn and twist,and even if she made herself to stick to the ground, the power of the Councelor's magic would still be stronger than her own will.She twisted so fast and so sudden that all the garbage turned to dust and dirt when it was hit by Ammie.Little that she noticed that half of the heart was broken and was on Gemma.When the heart was on Gemma, she stoped turning, and then she screamed:Gemma is now with a piece of the necklace on her chest.However, it wasn't a bloody red heartthat it transformed into, but a sparkling pink star.Ammie had recovered a bit from the harsh turning and twisting, but her heart went to normal, and this time it had a black center, with a sort of blurry image, she took an old magnifing glass and put it on the heart.It said: "You can sacrifice either:Your friend,Gemma, your beauty, or your lover." This time she couldn't take it anymore, she started to cry.
  14. I am definetly join in.It sounds fun. I also am going to make a little costume for my tamagotchis,and I got the tama's costume idea from my parents. I'll hatch my v2. (The costume's a black cat or the night sky, except I don't know how to do that yet. ) I forgot, since all the countries have a time space (I don't know how to say it, butin french, it's:"Un ecart de temps entre pays"),which time shall we choose?
  15. Sorry guys, I know this information is half false, my little brother just wanted to post something on tamatalk. Yes, I know it's false, since it dosen't have the BANDAI sign, but one part is right: it does have the tamagotchi title, and the cardboard is exctly like the v5, but nonetheless, it's false.But it gets still on my nerves that they want to do something like that.That's justplain wrong.I tried to tell my brother there is no need to post this, but he refused.I had to correct his spelling errors and stuff, so that you don't get confused.So I edited it, except for the title,since it can't be changed (oops. ) So half is from my pesty brother( you don't even want to know how he is...), the other half is me.