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    Club Penguin is my favorite website. I like all my teachers at school, but not the kids. I like hanging around my friends, and doing stuff. I am actually a very boring person. I play the bass guitar and flute, and I enjoy going to see my dad perform at public places. I LOVE TO SHOP, but my family doesn't have enough money to do it that often. I love to eat at Portillo's (you've probably never eaten there if you don't live in Illinois)! That's probably all I have to say.

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  1. nope I thought i was the only one having the problem, i came on here just to see if it happened to anyone else! Im a little ticked off because I haven't been on tamatown for a while and now that i want to go on it won't work. I really hope it is just updates!

    1. Kunoitchi777




      -hands over tama cake-

    2. tamame20


      THE CAKE IS A LIE jk lol

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you have a good one. :)

  4. Out comes more boring math homework AND boring social studies homework! In goes B-B-Q Ribs
  5. Your banned for caring about Tamas! MUAHAHAHA!
  6. I don't wanna make it about what happened in my life because I don't want people to know what I do everyday, its just this weird privacy thing I have...
  7. Just doing very UN tama-related stuff like going to the docter...

  8. Well, if you read my signature, you can see I'm all about peace, and saving the earth, so maybe I can make a blog about how we can all make it happen. Is that a good idea? I really don't want people to know about my persnal life so thats out of the question. Maybe cats/kittens? I really do likee cats and kittens but I don't know how that would work out. ARGH! WHAT SHOULD I MAKE IT ABOUT? GRRRR!
  9. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but I have NO idea what to make it about! I don't want it to be about Tamagotchis so if I see any replies with the words,IN THIS ORDER: "Why don't you make it about Tamagotchis!?!?" I will ignore it and move on. SOOO! Any ideas? :D
  10. I havent been on the computer fr two days! finally! stupid homework... does anyone else want vampire teeth right now? ;)

    1. MissBerry<3


      Uh..DUH!! Who wouldnt?! xD

  11. Little expensive, don't you think? I saw that on eBay too and said, "No way am I gonna get a little toy that expensive!" Honestly, I don't think $100.00 (USD) is a good deal for a little toy like that! I'd rather buy a Tamagotchi+Color/id! At least that has a colored screen! My advice, don't buy it.
  12. :P home sick from school. BLAAAH! Stupid sinus infection...
    1. LawrenceCabasan


      hope you get better


  13. Urrrrrg. Too early. Have to go back to sleep! *Checks Time* BLAAA ALLREADY 9:30 AM!