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  1. my teacher lets me play with it as long as the sound is turned off and i dont play during explanations
  2. i'm from canada and i got my tama at walmart
  3. thats really cool. Thanx, boys on even girls on odd
  4. Can u get 2 different genders. Me and my freind mate ours whenever we can. every time we have gotten 2 of the same genders..o by the way mine is the us version
  5. mive does it for half an hour but i usualy stop it
  6. ya my tama just did like amin ago..i stoped it
  7. well i didnt get theme right when they go out. I have herd that some of them beep funny so I dont hink its a bad thing
  8. wow that does sound wierd he wont even eat a candy(snack)? Sorry i dont know whats happening maybe its runnig low on batteries. Try resetting it then downloding it
  9. ya it does move whenever ur caacter moves. I've had almost all the caracters now and they always moves when the beeping goes. It may just be the twinkle in there eye moving or their eyes moving up and down but there still moving
  10. Thats kinda strange. I wonder why it did that.
  11. is this the first night thy're sleeping together or the second. Mt older tama left the baby on the second night of sleep.
  12. Oh im sorry that happened to u. I dont exactly know but that might hav been why. Sorry i cant help anymore
  13. ya its working now. About 1 a day it does somthing strange but i can live with that.Thankyou
  14. then why does it beeb every half second. Not every second. And that still desnt explain ehy it moves at the same time as ur tama moves
  15. oh and that is exactly whats happening with mine..I think its fixed now but ill have to play with it a bit more.