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  1. In Your Dreams - The Lunar Silver Star Story. :]
  2. @ City Lights: OMG YOU ARE AWESOME. Awesome Avatar and Signature. <3 Nikki Webster - Strawberry Kisses.
  3. Yo Momma's breath stinks so bad when she opens her mouth birds drop to the ground. xD .
  4. I love Warriors. I've read most of them. I love TigerClaw and Graystripe. RavenPaw too<3
  5. Okay, Yeah :] I'm pretty sure everyone knows what 'Yo Momma' is. It's JUST A JOKE. Don't take it personally. Must of us don't know eachother's mom. Like mine's dead, but I'm still playing ^u^ Okay, Person 1: My momma's so fat when she blah blah blah. Person 2: Yo momma's so skinny when she blah blah it blahss. And it goes on. XD So I'll start... My momma's so fat when she sits on a chair it says ABCDEFG Get your fat butt of of me. lololol I feel so stupid.
  6. Ahh, Same here. I love it! I'm not allowed to wear it at school, though.
  7. ^ love your avatar. <3 Never knew I needed ♥ Ne Yo .