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  1. im on level 21 so close i never new any one at level 22

  2. It hardly losses connection for me, but it loads super slow and glitches up a bunch!
  3. What is your favorite type of music in TamaTown? mine is Hip hop And R&B.
  4. You have to press the corresponding buttons with he music note to play the song successfully till the end. Also you have to play games to earn skill points to get good judge scores and i think to change your music type.
  5. You have to press the button on the far left 2 times (I think its the C button) on the v6 and the v5
  6. Glad there are alot of stores i can't wait for them to be shipped out!
  7. It evolved into Ichigotchi i guess that is bad/normal care i was hoping for chamametchi but i messed up a little. But im still really happy it evolved!
  8. Ok so here are the rules all you have too do is ask a question and the other person says if it was a hit or miss like this Asker: Eats Food Answer: Hit Then it goes on and on so i will start. Likes Tamagotchi's
  9. Ok thanks im gonna keep it off pause for all day today. I hope it evolves!
  10. It has been losing connection with me lately so there Probably updating the site for the Tama-Go. it's so annoying when you lose connection so i hope they get done soon! Also for your game did it work when you tried the game again because it could of been a load problem. +TuraGotchi=
  11. Well my Tama is in toddler form On v6 and its been like 4 or 3 days and it has not evolved it has been on pause only like 6 or 7 times and not for long either (Unless i go to bed or get on TamaTown ) So any help please! Also its supposed to take only 1 day right?
  12. Must be a different person she had stuff in her room
  13. Guess what i saw? I saw Hoshitchi on Tamatown here is proof! Hoshitchi proof! My theory's are 1:It is a person who got a demo of the Tama-Go and they are just there 2:It is a person working for Bandai who was sent there to make sure everything is working before release! 3:They have some sort of hacking device So i guess its not BIG news but it was cool to see her on there before release! I will try to get more pics but as i have found out she/he tries to hide when people are around! Like plays games too get out of site.
  14. Well my favorite game on TamaTown is Drum Contest Whats your?