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  1. My V6 is totally glitched. First, everytime I move it it resets. Once I downloaded, and my Mimitchi became a black weird thingy that sometimes shows an androtchi... And I never got that tamagotchi! sometimes you just have to deal with it, my battery thing also shows the X, it's still going right now~
  2. ... I love kittens.. and bunnies... Don't tell the pets... please...? It's not, I shot the mailman and took it, Dont worry because it was a tranquilizer gun!~ ANYWAYS you should stop being a bag of poop and jump off a bridge, ANYWAYS, stop using caps, TAKE IT OFF AND JUMP OFF A BRIDGE AND COME BACK WHEN YOUR SORRY! ... I didn't want to stay home, yet my mother made me stay home. That was P.E. day... I LUFF P.E...
  3. Name: Meow Gender: F Job: Rock Star~~~ I will be on 3 days a week, perhaps more... But mostly 3 days a week... Don't kill my eggie!
  4. 5/10. I'm using this one because I'm too lazy to log onto the other one.
  5. Tamatalk becomes temporarily frozen, and everyone who experienced the freeze has their computer exploded. I press the "i stepped in a poodle" button
  6. I'm a cookie whether you like it or not.
  7. 1/10 Never seen you before... except for the RP thing.
  8. Lol you guys are so olddddd HEEHEE Fifth. ON TUESDAY~~~
  9. 5/10, seein you more often now. It's funny how I don't get noticed while posting. Maybe that's why people ignore meh. X3 This isn't a complaint, just stating how it is funneh.
  10. Wow, this is getting funny! You can't because YOULL BE HUNGRIER THAN EVER AND THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE ENERGY TO DO IS TO WATCH SAILOR MOON OR... Die? Anyway Sailor Moon is cool so BLEH. I wish this is going to be random and funny. And it better be.
  11. My friend is awesome. He gave meh a ton of stuff for Zen and Eon. Paused creatures, extinct, but Eon passed the test, and caught on to 5th place in 5 min. Toodle-oo! Okay that was short, but you gotta understand I don't have time.
  12. So, My Androtchi's favorite food in music star is cereal. Now I want to collect all the favorite foods for others. If you find out which tamagotchi's favorite food is which, please tell me. If you found the tamagotchi's favorite food online or on a chart, PLEASE do not post it. This is a topic for hard workers to find out which is which, I don't like lazy people. I don't know where this topic should be, but I am sing this to help myself and other people looking for favorite food. I am sorry if there is another topic like this.
  13. Well, then I just had to go to 3 different schools. The first one was a mess, and expensive. ~Emmaus (Yeah, a private)~ 1. Preschool: Everyone got what they wanted. AND I was always chosen to go to the older room, or younger room to help out. And it was hard work. Well, that's not a complaint but you really should't make little kids do work. Geez! 2.(skipping kinder it was alright) 1st grade: Putting your head down? What the heck does that do? > The good thing is if you forget to do your homework you do half of it, they give you full credit and you can go, well, "play." 3.2nd grade: There was this kid. YES "this kid." And we gave her tickets to our ballet recital (Ballet isn't really that girly, there are a ton of BOYS who do it, and its really hard) and she said if I didn't stay with her to play with the sand, she would rip up the tickets. Those cost, like, $25 and we gave her TWO. I went to drink the water, and I told her I would be right back but... She was ABOUT to rip them, the teacher caught her and said if she did rip them, She needed to give $50 back to me. This was one kid, but the teacher spoils the other kids like crazy. 4.3rd grade(YAY NEW SCHOOL I THOUGHT WAS BETTER: People were just darn mean. I had this GRUDGE against this girl, she hated me but she still "stayed" with me, but after a long conversation with her friend... I REALIZED SOMETHING. It was the work of HATE. I super investigated and then... It was a note. And more. And this girl was a SECOND GRADER. How is that even possible? Then it showed hate more. And more. They did't share the ball, and you were clearly not to keep the ball to yourself.... Agh, next one. 5. 4th grade: Mmm i don't know someone was literally killing me inside so I blew off it, that year went quick without any pain. BLEH. Too long, geeeez.