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  1. When I went to see Avatar in January, there was a trailer for a film called Pirahna 3D or something. I was bored when the beach party bit was there, but as soon as the fishies came me and my mum were laughing our heads off for some reason. XD
  2. Nah, I'm 12 and if I were given the chance to go to something like that i'd say yes instantly XD Sadly there is no cosplaying on the isle of wight... That I know of anyway. Have fun!
  3. I'm useless at naming things and I can't picture myself with kids XD So it'd probably be named after some egyptian god / goddess or something (has a cat called Nefertiti) or random gibberish (has a kitten called Werbus Ting)
  4. Something about a concert, rubber tunnels and trees. And a Shoop Da Whoop on the sofa...
  5. Dunno if it counts, but I'm obsessed with Wilfre-kun from drawn to life XD
  6. I went out to a zoo, since it was my birthday. They had amazing birds there!
  7. I haven't read any of those on the list D: I love Tokyo Mew Mew, Fruits Basket and Full Moon wo Sagashite. I'm going to start Shugo Chara and Keroro Gunsou seems popular so will give that a try. Trouble is, I read manga so often I have to check which way european books are when I'm making birthday cards XD EDIT: Forgot the Zelda series! Those are awesome
  8. ((Would you believe it, TT was the first place I heard of it)) Decided to give the first book a try in may, and I loved it. I now have all of the books up to The Darkest Hour, but haven't even got onto the second one yet. I haven't had much time. I'm sure lots of others love this series! And who is your fave cat? I like Bluestar and Jayfeather.
  9. You all know the feeling. When you think you are doing so well in Zelda and BAM. really hard puzzle pops up and it takes you ages to do. What is the hardest puzzle/challenge you have ever faced? And have you done it? Mine has to be in Star Fox Adventures, where you have to push that totem pole round while a really strong dino is trying to push it the other way. My brother was doing it and he got annoyed, and he came in to the room I was in and said "You any good at button mashing?" I'm good at keyboard letter pressing over and over really quick so I said yes. "Come and help me" he said. I gave it thousands of tries and I did better than he did (almost pushed mr dino guy into the pit) but failed. My brother gave it another go and I aid 'Tis a shame you can't do a barrel roll' (How that'd help I don't know. Even mum had a go, and of course she's pretty useless (she tried to put an xbox 360 disc into the wii, but I must say she rocks at katamari damacy) so she failed XD But dad managed to do it in the end. Then the Test Of Fear came along and thats pretty hard too, but I haven't had a go on that one XD
  10. Neopets whilst foruming on here and another forum and drawing on ArtRage.
  11. I've heard of it but haven't played. Screamers don't seem to work on me for some reason. No idea why. (Maybe because I rarely have sound on my computer) I remember once I got screamer'd. Was a pokemon fake 'big secret' video. I saw the exorsist thingy and I just went 'That zombie is soo fake XD' My brother who is scared of everything gets really freaked out by them.
  12. I still want TS3, haven't got it. I looooooooove TS2 and its custom content feature! Its awesome!
  13. That just made my day XD Do they mean the women on the deoderent adverts? XD
  14. When I first saw TPAM's avatar I thought it was a guy in a hoodie poking a fat bird.