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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Ichiro!!! More Birthday comes to you... :)

  2. Hi. Im selling Tamagotchi ID melody crown. For more info go to this site: www.ayosdito.ph/Tamagotchi+ID+Melody+Crown+Ver-3700407.htm?last=1

    1. ichiro.malfoy


      I prefer a standard ID though, but thanks for letting me know!

    2. ichiro.malfoy


      BTW I'm also looking for a +Color, just in case.

    3. jcerana


      Du u wnt to buy?

  3. Happy 8th Birthday Tamatalk!

    1. jcerana


      Tamatalk this is for you!

  4. I think a new version of English Tamagotchi that is Colored and They will add the pets " Dreamitchi, Dazzilitchi , Gotchi King's whole Family , and the other character that have here http://tamagotch.channel.or.jp/tama_anime/chara/index.html#char
  5. Cool! Bandai will Make Tamagotchi again!!!! Hopes that this version will be awsome and everyone will like!!!
  6. Im searching in tamazone topic ( http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=25639 ) and i see this ( http://www.licensing.biz/news/9081/Bandai-signs-Sync-for-Tamagotchis-US-return ) .... Hopes that bandai make a Tamagotchi... They will planning....
  7. and my v6 is in the 2nd generation my pet is Kuromametchi(cool!) after he becomes an adult he go to door icon and meets his band member after the band member grown up the teacher and tree judges appears on screen and Kuromametchi's band member music is R&B after the music plays there are lots of fans and the judges give them "3 O " have a fireworks and it was " 1st Ranking Award " and they have 10000p!!! and now i make complete all the awards because in 1st generation i complete the all 8 awards and to this generation i want to complete it again...
  8. yup im on generation 2 and it was all 500 something the tone rythm and original and on the 1st judge my Kuromametchi was pass and i was very happy!!!
  9. they rigth i pass on audition when my Mametchi but now Dreamitchi is 6 years old and he practice a lot and i got award...
  10. Do u know what will bandai make what version?
  11. yup! that was happen to my v6.. and in my Mametchi but now he is Dreamitchi he pass the pro debut(audition) in his age of 6 i think you will try to practice it but try to low the stress level... try to use his favorite instrument so he will not sad...
  12. My V6 for the 1st generation i got Mametchi and it was perfect care!!! woot!!! and his band member is Kuchipatchi and Violetchi... i got all 999 the tone, rhythm and original before its adult but the judges makes " 0 0 X " i dont know why i make it practice and always go to school.

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      That happens to me too, but good luck! ;)

    2. jcerana


      cool! i passed the audition! prodebut!!!

  13. Yes! Finally I got My brand new Tamagotchi v6!!!

  14. I got news!!! Bandai US emailed me... and they said....
  15. yes i got sebiretchi.if u want to get her you get a bad care. make your teen be a low and make a stress high just like Eternal Mametchi Fan said...
  16. yup me to but that email was an hour only...
  17. yes. when i got my entama and id but it was broken and only working is my entama.....
  18. I ask them. Why should they make an english version of colored. But they did not answer
  19. I've watch Hetalia! It was annoying!

    1. jcerana


      but it was funny i was laughing at all time when i watch it!!! hahahhahaha

    2. Rainbow Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      Did you like it or not?

    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan
  20. Bandai Looking Some Ideas About Tamagotchi Today I've contact Bandai UK and they said ....when the time i read it i was a hope that they will make some new tamas and i was hoping that it was so very amazing....