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  1. I'm back after so long! Feels great! :D

    1. Meg&Dia


      Welcome back!

  2. omg hope everyone had a great holiday!!!!!!

    1. tamagotchialice


      I did! Hope you had a good holiday too! ☺

    2. lala0629
  3. i really want to pre order the teddy nendo!!!! :(

    1. NintenNerd


      oh man i know how you feel i want so many nendoroids ;adskjfl

  4. EEEEEEEEEE tamagotchi party on is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to find my corner shop game love it!!!!!

  5. My first tama was a v3 I love it and still play with it I remember always getting hinotamatchi. My whole class loved them we would bring them to school and connect fun!! I remember when I got debatchi me and my freind called him Bucky and thought he was adorable. Tobad those days are over I never stopped playing. : )
  6. YUI-CHAN!

    1. bannasplit22


      lol thx she makes me laugh so.....yeah...:)

  7. I just thought of this maybe sync beats is the cause of tamatown being down I'm sorry if this is out of context but the people we should blame are the sync beats people because of them there probably won't be a new tama I'm sorry if this is so out but still it kinda popped up in my head.
  8. This is probebly put of txt btw.OK I'm out so done I've had it up to here with bandai there seriously messing with people so tama Id here I come I commented on the video everybody should also like the comments that are telling the truth about what we want and not what they think we want they should get there heads out of the clouds and think of the fans!!!!! I am devistated tamas were apart of my childhood and theyve ruined there name!! Srry if this was to mean.... This probably means no more playing on music city and I finally got back into tamagotchi I'm gonna go cry in a corner now.... The funny thing bout this is when this epically fails we can say we tryed to help but no. Srry 4 two in a row
  9. my freinds were all playing whith them and i felt left out so i got one
  10. ok so i was telling my freind to search ltamagotchi lovelin and so did i and i found tamagotchi in ENGLISH Whoo hoo so if you know the channel i would love to know it and if this is in the wrong place please move it because i have no idea on how to move it AND if there is something you know about this please inform me Thanks! i'm back!
  11. oh...... well that kinda makes me sad that means i wont be able to play with them that much well bye everyone this is my last post so bye and i will be back bye bye
  12. hi guys i know i have not posted i along time but still does anyone know if ub funkeys are not being made or sold anymore just want to know thanks also this might be my last post for a while bye bye