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  1. I'd like either the V3,V4 or V5 if you're still sellin.

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      asdghhk never mind


  2. Thank you! I'm off to raise those skill points, then.
  3. Thank you! Yes, the Tama is an adult. Now I finally know what the judges were for when she first became an adult =) Too bad I didn't have high skill points then. So...once the Tama becomes an adult, do skill points do anything?
  4. My sister recently got a Music Star for her birthday. She and I both play with it, but we haven't really figured it out yet. Could someone help with these questions, please? We have an adult right now. 1. How do we increase the band ranking? Performing (going "away" and selecting the music place) only seems to increase number of fans. 2. Is there any real benefit to gaining skill points? I can't see that it does much, and the stats are at 300+ each. 3. Is there a way to purchase instruments and toys directly ON the Music Star? I know you can do it on Music City but that loads really slowly for us. 4. What is the difference between mating via matchmaker vs. mating via band manager? I have never heard of mating via band manager, but we're only on first generation. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I'll make sure to do that from now on.
  6. I'm having trouble getting bad-care characters on my Tama-Go. I've only raised a few characters so far but they have ALL been good-care characters. This is really frustrating to me because I've been waiting until they beep for me, not disciplining, not potty-training, and I still get good characters. What am I doing wrong? The one thing I have not tried is waking them up - should I try that?
  7. The Tama-Go is the newest version, so buy that if you want the latest one. If you don't care about that, then version 5 is very low maintenance. Mine has survived several school days without me because I forgot to pause it when I woke up.
  8. This is a final update to say that I am not going to be posting in my log any longer. I am still running my Tama's, but am not going to be logging about them anymore. I'll still be on the forums, and I might start up a log again in a few months, but for now school and such is keeping me very busy. Thank you for reading my log. ~Jayny (and her Tama's)
  9. This is not a full update - just a quick note to say that today my family was out shopping, and my sister and I got a Tama-Go each! I got green with Mametchi; she got white with Kuchipatchi (we were lucky to find them - they were hidden behind a whole bunch of blue Tama-Gos). We hatched them recently and got one baby of each gender. I got the boy, Nokotchi. Neither have turned into toddlers yet, but I am loving the Tama-Go so far! Will do a proper update tomorrow.
  10. I seem to always have mammoth updates. Perhaps I should write more often. It got boring waiting for a Chantotchi to mate with Allen (and I don't really want the same characters over and over), so I gave in and mated him with a different character. They are now Papamametchi and Mamapatchi. They had three kids: a Futabatchi (girl - and the middle character), another Futabatchi (boy), and a Mimifuwatchi (girl). I'm not naming them this time because I can't think of any names right now. Anyway, they became Tororotchi, Mattaritchi, and Sakuramotchi respectively. Bonding is at 0%, but I'm working on that. Here begins the fourth generation of my v5! Carrie is now on her own, a Hitodetchi. She inherited 2 Humor skill points and weighs 40 lbs. There has not been a preschool notice yet. Brady is back at Tama-Planet now, while Alex is now a Hitodetchi. Good thing I never get tired of this character. She inherited a single Humor point. Weighs 39 lbs, hasn't been accepted to preschool yet. Becky recently married Matt. She is eight and should be leaving her little girl tonight. She weighs 81 lbs. I married Matt and Becky recently, running Matt a little more so he'd leave his baby first. I named her Chica ("girl" in Spanish) and she'll be marrying Chico. She is a Puchitchi. Jess is 8, weighs 88 lbs (coincidence) and met the matchmaker today. I was hoping for a boy but instead got a girl. So, not sure on her name yet. I got lazy and put off marrying Dorothy - that is until I looked at her stats today and realized she was 9. I don't want her to become an oldie so I married her via matchmaker visit. She had a baby girl, and now my 97-lb Dorothy is just hanging out with her little one. Nathan is a five-year-old Violetchi now! He can mate but hasn't. Jeff is five, weighing 49 lbs. He is Pyonkotchi...this is one character I am getting a little tired of. He's ready to mate, but hasn't yet. Chico is three now and weighs 51 lbs. I will probably pause him a night or two to make up for the age difference between him and Chica. Max is a two-year-old UFO-tchi now. Meanwhile Veces has turned three. ~Jayny & co.
  11. Sorry about not updating sooner, this computer has been giving me trouble. Can't wait until I get mine back. As of yesterday the Lelavs are old enough to breed, but the matchmaker hasn't offered Allen a Chantotchi yet, so those two are still just hanging out. I'm trying for that pure family! Vicki married Brady yesterday, and they now have two little girls. Vicki's will be named Carri (aka Carrie). Brady is five now, and he also has a baby girl. Her name will be Alex, short for Alexandra. Nothing much else to say here. Becky is seven today, and her update is mostly with Matt's. Matt is five and a Pyontitchi. Since he and Becky are similar characters, I decided to marry them, so right now they're in love...the marriage won't go through right now, so I think Matt's a bit too young. I'll try again tomorrow. Also, I took him to TamaTown today, and his relatives were very generous with giving gifts! He got a chest and a fishing pole. Jess is seven now. I will mate her with the matchmaker in a day or two to avoid babies that are the same age...I like it when all the Tama's are changing differently, not following the exact same growth pattern. Dorothy is seven and will soon have a matchmaker visit. Nathan is three, has three Training bars, and weighs 47 lbs. Jeff is three now. He has two Training bars and weighs 43 lbs. Chico is one and an Obotchi. He still has no Training bars, and he weighs 47 lbs because I was playing the games a lot. Cammie recently left her baby, whom I named Max. Max is a Kinakomotchi and has two Training bars. He is not quite a year old yet. Veces is one year old now and has two Training bars. Since her mother left she has gone from a baby, to a Kinakomotchi, to a Ringotchi. I get a lot of Ringotchis on v2's it seems. I've been thinking about getting a Mini (aka a Chibi). I've heard that they are really low-maintenance, so I'd be able to take it a lot of places without worrying about it dying. On the other hand, it doesn't seem like there's very much to do on a Mini. But then, that's what the original Tama's were...simplified. Now we have families and bands and figurines and connecting and a lot of other things like that. ~Jayny & co.
  12. It's been way too long since I last wrote...or at least it feels like it. Again, please pardon typos. The Lelavs are doing great! Yesterday Allen became Mametchi and Angie became Chantotchi. They are not yet old enough to mate but will be very soon. Allen is going to marry another Chantotchi so that I can get a Mame family. Can't wait. Vicki STILL has not had a job offer!! She is six right now and weighs 59 lbs. Maybe I have been pausing too much? Brady is three and a Celebtchi. He weighs 80 lbs and 10/8/1 are his skill points. Training is locked at a pitiful one bar (???). Becky is five and weighs 73 lbs. She has not yet had a job offer. Matt is three and has that many Training bars. 7/4/5 are his skill points (need to get those up so I don't get a bad character!) He did get into school (yay). He weighs 46 lbs. Jess is five, weighing 79 lbs. She might end up mating with Brady in a day or two, when he's ready. Dorothy is five and weighs 87 lbs. She is ready to mate but there isn't anybody ready to mate with her yet, so right now she's just waiting. Nathan is a year old and Young Mametchi. He has two Training bars and weighs 48 lbs. Jeff is also a year old, and a Patopatchi (I think that's it). One Training bar, he weighs 39 lbs. Savla left Chico last night. Chico means "boy" in Spanish, by the way...so that's why I named him that. Right now he's a Kuchitamatchi, weighing 43 lbs. He has no Training because I accidentally gave him a Time Out when he cried instead of praising. Cammie is eight, and today the matchmaker paid her a visit! She now has a baby boy. No idea what his name will be yet...possibly something else Spanish?? Tavi is due to leave tonight. She was actually supposed to leave last night but I paused her so I wouldn't have two babies to care for in the morning. Little Veces is doing fine and just hanging out with her mother right now. ~Jayny & co.
  13. My computer crashed the other day, so I'm typing from a laptop with a 10" screen. Oh, and it doesn't have spellcheck. Please excuse brevity and any typos. The Lelavs have evolved! Angie is Chamametchi, and Allen is Mamekatchi. I decided to go for a pure family now, so I raised their bonding to 100% through items. Oddly enough they have still been calling for bonding, but of course it doesn't increase. Pure family, here I come! Vicki is five and weighs 57 lbs. Skill points are 21/1/9 and there has still not been a single job offer. This is odd... Brady is a year old and a Kujakutchi. Still only one bar of Training and he weighs 40 lbs. Skill points are at 10/8/1. Becky is four now, and apparently I didn't take good enough care to get another Mimitchi. Instead I got Pyonkotchi. She has six Training bars now, weighing 72 lbs, and skill points are at 15/2/1. There haven't been any job offers yet but that's OK, her skill points aren't high enough anyway. Matt is a Hinotamatchi now, and is one year old. He is still in preschool, however. Mr. Turtle will be his teacher when he does get into regular school. His skill points are pretty low right now but I am typing with one hand right now playing Jump Rope with him so hopefully that will change soon. Come on school letter where are you?? Oh yeah - he weighs 44 lbs. That's all that's new with Matt right now. Jess is four today and she weighs 78 pounds. She is a ChoMametchi. Her Training is locked at six bars and she is doing just fine. Dorothy is four and a Violetchi. Training is locked at six bars and she weighs 84 lbs. Rugu left his baby last night. Natan is the name I gave the baby, short for Nathan. He is fresh out of babyhood now and is a Mohitamatchi, weighing 39 lbs and with one Training bar. Of course he is 0 years old right now. Jeff, the other baby, was also left by his mom. He is also a Mohitamatchi, and stats are exactly the same as Nathan's. No, really. They're identical in every way. Savla turned seven today. In celebration the matchmaker came along and offered her a mate. I accepted and she now has a baby boy. Oh and she weighs 71 lbs now, but since I have 2-3 more days with her I will likely be working on that sooner or later. Cammie is seven now, but the matchmaker hasn't come for her yet. She weighs 32 lbs and refuses to play games because of it - right where she should be. Tavi is also seven, and got a matchmaker visit today! She now has a baby girl, who I think I will name Veces. ("Times" in Spanish. No, it doesn't have any special meaning, I just like the sound of the word Veces. ) She weighs a whopping 95 lbs. (Whoops.) ~Jayny & co.
  14. I'm overdue for another update. Lots has changed! Matt got married recently, and is now a Papakurotchi! His wife is a Mememamatchi, and they had two children. Belltchi: Look at me! I can talk! That's Angie, their little girl. They also have a son - Mousetchi: - and my name's Allen! They are a couple of days old, so will be teenagers soon. And for the record - Angie is the firstborn, while Allen is the left-hand character. Vicki is now four, and yesterday she became Purimatchi. Her skill points are at 13/1/0, and she weighs 61 lbs. Training is locked at six bars, and she has not had a job offer yet. I really like the image of this character, just had to mention that Jeremy left his baby the other night, and I named the baby Brady. Brady is a Kuribotchi, and today he got accepted into preschool. Skill points are only at 0/0/1, and one Training bar is on his 45-pound self. Becky is two and weighs 71 lbs. She is a Young Mimitchi now! Six Training bars, and skill points are at 7/2/1. She is in school, with Mr. Turtle as her teacher. Jenna left her baby, whom I named Matt. Matt is a Mizutamatchi, with two Training bars and no skill points. He weighs 50 pounds. Jess is two years old and weighs 79 lbs. She is a Young Mimitchi, like Becky. She has six Training bars right now. Dorothy is three and weighs 85 lbs. She has six Training bars and has not become an adult yet, but it'll probably only be another day or two. Rugu's update is with Jamie. Jamie and Rugu mated today! They are both seven so I used love potion and they soon had two baby boys. They are doing great! Also, Jamie is a Decotchi, while Rugu is a Hidatchi. Savla is five and weighs 96 lbs. I got a Mimitchi!! With seven Training bars, she is doing great and ready to marry as soon as either the matchmaker or a male Tama is ready for her. Cammie is five and also a Mimitchi! I never get tired of Mimitchi Her Training locked at seven bars, she weighs 77 lbs. I'm not quite sure who I'll mate her with yet. Tavi is five, weighs 99 lbs (eek), and is a Marumimitchi. Training is locked at six bars. ~Jayny & co.
  15. I have lots to write about today! Brace yourself for a large update. Matt became a Hatugatchi. Remembering something I had read about this character, I fed him a sesame snack, and he became Kuromametchi! He has been like that for a few days now, but is still not old enough to use the Dating Show. Bonding is at 20% because he called once as an adult. I didn't know that could happen...just goes to show I still don't know very much about this Tama! Oh well, it's fun discovering things about it as I go. Vicki is a Ura-Young Violetchi. She is two, weighs 41 lbs, and has five Training bars. Her skill points are at 9/1/0 and she is in school, with Mr. Turtle as her teacher. Jeremy's full update is in Jenna's section. He is five, weighs 98 lbs, and skill points are at 7/1/10. At the last minute I changed Chica's name to Becky. She is 0 years old but will probably age tomorrow. Right now she is Harutchi. She has already been accepted into preschool and her skill points are 3/2/1 (no I didn't do that on purpose ). She has three Training bars and weighs 54 lbs. Jenna became a Memetchi! She is four today, so this morning I decided against getting Makiko and instead mated her with Jeremy. They had two baby boys. As for Jenna, her Training is locked at four bars, 17/55/9 are her skill points, and she weighs 79 lbs. Jamal left his baby, and I named her Jess. Yes, another "J" name. She is a Kuchitamatchi right now, has four Training bars, and weighs 61 lbs. Dori left two days ago, and I'm going to refer to her baby as "Dorothy" (not her real name, but it wouldn't fit). Her real name is Darty, which was supposed to be Dorty, but I accidentally put an A instead of an O. Dorothy became a Kuchitamatchi, and today she turned one. She is now an Obotchi. She has three Training bars and weighs 64 lbs. Rugu is five years old and he has become an adult. I can't find the name of his character anywhere... Training is locked at seven bars, and he weighs 99 lbs. Tomorrow I will probably mate him to Jamie, seeing as she's the only female adult that CAN mate. Jamie is five and an adult. I cannot find the name of her character, either...I will try to find it later. She weighs 98 lbs, and Training is locked at seven bars. Tomorrow I am planning on mating her to Rugu. Savla is three years old and weighs 81 lbs. She has seven Training bars and is not quite an adult - tomorrow, I think. Cammie is three years old. She has seven Training bars and weighs 76 lbs. Not an adult yet but likely very soon. Tavi is three, weighs 90 lbs, and has six Training bars. (It should be seven but I was in a hurry the last time and selected Time Out instead of Praise.) I noticed today how many names I use that start with J. They seem to pop into my head first, I don't know why, I hope it's not confusing. As a side note, I managed to debug my sister's pink cherry v3 yesterday! First time I have ever successfully debugged a Tama, so I'm rather proud. We've been having fun with that, but I won't write about it much more here, if at all. Debugged Tama's are fun to play with, but I like the bit about actually raising my Tama's, not fast-forwarding. It's just more fun to me in the long run. ~Jayny & co.