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  1. mew0099

    Rate The Siggy above!

    8.5 / 1o uwu
  2. mew0099

    Rate The Siggy above!

    1o / 1o hahahahhha
  3. mew0099

    Gender War! (Remake)

    FRICK U GUYS >:'(
  4. mew0099

    Yuck Or Yum?

    yum! 8) gelato! :'v
  5. mew0099

    Mod Break

    15 oh yes
  6. mew0099

    You're banned!

    you're banned because you are too rad wHOOPS
  7. mew0099

    last person to post wins :]

    jack frost
  8. mew0099

    Yuck Or Yum?

    i've never tried one ;w; so i'll have to say yuck nutella!! :uu
  9. mew0099

    Gender War! (Remake)

    9.....8.......2.......... sos
  10. mew0099

    Rate the person above's Avvie game!

    1o / 1o also YES omg i wanna write the face so bad but the dang code stuff is not being nice to any of us
  11. mew0099

    Yuck Or Yum?

    yum, but only if they're sliced!! > w o bread with honey? o:
  12. mew0099


    oh heheh vriska gave me a note along with my breath hoodie uwu;; i would really like an official dave or jade shirt, and a mind zip hoodie too. man that would be rad deepest sigh
  13. mew0099

    Yuck Or Yum?

    yum!! i wish i could eat them again deepest sigh instant noodles??
  14. mew0099

    Gender War! (Remake)