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    And for the record admin, me being a dude is so not happening.

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  2. You haven't been on in sooooo long!

  3. Ello:3 I can't be on long but Prada evolved into a teenager! cipe i wonk. now, put that backwards and you'll have : EPIC I KNOW. umm, yeah. Prada has 2100 dollars. Which is very lovely. OH YES. His training is up halfway too... I got him pizza and a cool pair of bat wings, I want to try them out when he's an adult! Also he's the best teenager you can get on the v.3! ~Lexi. {m a k i n g it s h o r t.} {Everything is g o o d.}
  4. *Creeped yer page.

    Hey. :)

  5. ^ Is currently annoying. < Is mean to say that in your mind. V Doesn't get why I said that, and is also anoying if is bored.
  6. ABC Quiz A - Apple type: Yellow:3 B - Bed size: Full C - Chore you hate: Dishes, hands down. D - Dog's name: Doug. E - Essential start to your day item: Pillow, to fall asleep again on. F - Favorite color: Grey G - Gold or Silver: Gold H - Height: 5 something I - Instruments you play(ed): Guitar J - Job title: School. K - Kid(s): None. L - Looks like: Myself. Kaitlyn who's in fifth grade. -.- M - Marshmallow fights: wut? N - Nicknames: Lexi, Sis. O - Overnight hospital stay other than your birth: ... P - Pet Peeve: A certain TT user..? Q - Quote from a movie/video game/tv show: "Boo you who*e." R - Right or left handed: Right. S- Siblings: BLAISE. T - Time you wake up: 6:00 U- Underwear color: white... V - Vegetable you dislike: IDKWHATTHEY'RECALLED. W - Ways you run late: To LEAP. X - X-rays you've had: Tailbone, Foot, Wrist, Tailbone again, and Jaw Y - Yummy food you make: FAILCOOKER. Z - Zoo favorite: Polar Bears. _____________________________ FAVORITES: Food→ Nutella. xD Drinks → Orange Juice or Water Clothing→ A&F, Juicy, Sevens, Levi, Hollister, Black & White market. Books → Clique, or Wrinkle in Time, or Narnia. Music → Joanna Newsom! Flower→ Tampopo;D No, White Rosee. Colors → Black, White, Grey. Movies → Christmas Classics, older Disney, Fifel, Napoleon Dynamite, Cats and Dogs... Hobby → ..? _____________________________ THIS OR THAT: coke or pepsi? Pepsi. Harry Potter or Twilight? They're both against my religion anyway. xD comedy or horror? Comedy. red or blue? Red. sun or moon? Moon. orange or green? Green. pink or purple? Purple. taylor lautner or robert pattinson? Huh? David Archuleta or David Cook? Eww. dark chocolate or white chocolate? Dark. winter or summer? Winter. <3 apples or banana's? Apples! _____________________________ WOULD YOU RATHER? bungee jump or skydive? Skydive! get a bad sunburn or never go in the sun again? option A. its already happened.;D break your arm or break your leg? Arm. Maybe I could get out of school. Run outside naked or get electrocuted? Get eloectrocuted, its fun actually. Whether or not it kills brain cells. Be attacked by a swarm of bees or be trapped in a lion's cage for a whole day? If the lion wasn't in there.. Get eaten by ants or by a lion? Lion. faster. _____________________________________
  7. Sit next to a hobo on a plane for 20 hours because papa alligator would abuse our children. WYR Be a boy and paint your fingernails blue and hot pink, or be a girl (Non-lesbian,) and kiss another girl on acdcident?
  8. *facepalm

    320 messages.

    And counting.

  9. Haha, its okay.

    Confusing, yes.

    But awesome indeed. :D

  10. Crudd.. After Lucy died I died. Haha. xD I'm back though. + better than everr. Today I hatched Prada. Yes, Prada, to take after Fendi's footsteps. I hatched him not to become the worlds oldest tama, but to see how long he can live. There's a difference, rightt? http://www.myfacewhen.com/23/ Mr. Snuffelophigus is also alive. So yay him. Mr.: Ahh, its good to be back. Me: Yep, back on duty. Mr.: Its really a shame that Lucy died, so who's my new associate? Me: Accoci- Uhh, his name is Prada. Mr.: HIM? ITS A HIM? I should certainly tell you that I will NOT be bunking with a little boy, they're such rascals! Baby girls are so much cuter. Me: Okay, I'll just leave you in the closet to rot instead. Mr.: -.- I'm to old for this. Me: Duty starts tomorrow, see you there.>:3 -Lexi<3
  11. Hai. I saw that you PMed me a month ago.

    And I find this new TT confusing. Awesome, but confusing. XD

    So hai.

  12. Sunday, Oct 24, 2010. Today was Lucy's 16 birthday. Today Lucy died. ~